Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We Teach Others How to Think of Us

It matter not what others think of us but what we think of ourselves.
Over years my hair has been going gray...nearly 70 it
should of completed this cycle, but no it's white on top shading to ash which is actually mixed white and ash. Couple years ago thought I'd use a temporary color, it stained to where it had to be grown out completely. Problem it was a blond and with the grow out looked horrid. At this point I've tired of waiting for the whole head to be one shade. Thinking of doing something to remedy it. Last cut hair dresser suggested a expensive $17 bottle temp. rinse for White that takes yellow out, very little help as it still shows too much distinctive difference from top to back. Other day picked up inexpensive Fanci-full temp. rinse in the lightest blond which says it blends grays ????, can see blond doing this better than the stark white. This means I must test it first.....MORE TESTING to CREATE THE NEW.....not so sure it's not asking for more problems, but then can always use the White rinse if it looks to bad.

Not into caring anymore what color it is, so long as it doesn't look as if I don't care about myself. It's not an ego thing it's a thing of caring enough about me and wanting to express this to others. Dr Phil of TV says "We teach others how to treat us", can see this, can also extend this teaching to how we respect our healthy glowing appearance. However, lately noted son treats me like a doddering old lady...irony since my efforts are putting the roof over his head providing transportation and now even doing his horse work for him due to broken leg. Horses aren't easy with heavy blankets on/off, brushing, feet, water buckets and flipping heavy hay bales * ours are heavier than norm as they are large ones*. Thus know better ~ age or not I'm far from doddering. Now I'm not resenting it exactly, I'm more objecting to this attitude which will also color the impression of myself in this world. We create our reality from our thoughts, so this it's imperative to not think this myself, when I'm choosing to change the old 3D programing about
present physical age limits...Remember the historical account on age in the Bible has people living 700 and 900 years.

These time are about Creating Change in the reality we experience and this begins with our own thoughts regarding self as reflected by those we connect to daily.

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