Thursday, March 1, 2012

Road Signs Regarding Pyramid Activations

Have mentioned how I channel ~ once upon a time it was for the public, these days for myself, and the information is constantly filtering into my daily conversation and blogs. It's not highly scientific or of spiritual words, why? cause that is so often forgotten as the unreal to the logical human mind, it appears unreal because that mind is designed to think by relating to what we perceive as the logical reality of the outer world. However there is much unseen that is the truth of who we and our world are, and what is occurring in it at this time. We know of it but we don't know it because it lacks the logic of what this human mind knows. Below I'm going to give you some dates. Astrological dates that hold the keys to vibrational changes occurring on planet and within all creation; of which humanity is leading the way via it's ability to transform consciousness creating this reality. I've been getting messages of how the cosmic occurrences leading up to 2012, especially those of 2012, are the continual expressions of energy that will upgrade the vibrations of all creation. They are Cosmic Triggers enabling and allowing the changing of this planets matrix or blueprint via the Life Force which will allow each of us to ascend or raise us to once again connect to the Divine Source at the beginning of all that is and of which we are.

*March 20th Equinox creates a wave of cosmic energy readying us to receive new blueprint codes for our DNA necessary for us to ascend in frequency.

*May20 Solar Eclipse triggers a vibration creating a balance point for the Divine Male Energy
*June 4 Lunar Eclipse triggers the vibration for the Divine Feminine Energy balance (in speaking Balance this is removing the duality in these energies and merging them as One similar to the Androgynous Human without the differences of the poles)

*June 6 Venus brings more powerful energy for releasing that which has created the polarity opposition of male/female, so there can be full merging of the two without polarity differences.

These current events of light energy radiating form Pyramids is in effect being triggered by these events. The energy flow from them is connecting the crystal core of the planet to these cosmic bodies which is connecting all to the Galactic Center of the Universe which moves us into this higher space/time frequency we've been speaking of. By the merging of the Male/Female energy on this planet we will be able to ascend into the frequency devoid polarities to truly become one...
This is 1 More Step and a really BIG ONE toward 12/21/2012
In Love as One aKuna Kumara
PHOTO REAL (pyramidvortex kirlian photo 1979 Dr Dee Nelson)

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