Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Research On Aids Autism and Lyme Disease

It was 1992 when I first contracted Lyme Disease in May, I'd just begun a new relationship that lasted for 12 years. Truth is I never wanted a live in situation so it would not of gone to were it became a relationship had I not had to be awaken one morning and taken to the doctors. He spent the next two weeks nursing me, feeding me, getting me up to visit the lu, and owning his own business drug me to work to do all this as I was out of it. Fortunately the doctor whet by what I told him and prescribed a long range antibiotic till the test returned (back then they got sent to the other US coast) I had 3rd stage Lyme and they put me on Doxycycline. Since then there were 5 or 6 bad flair ups (a couple may of been reinfection from ticks). Finally I began working on the consciousness of this Bug, telling it to leave it was not welcome to live in me, and worked to out smart it in the battle for survival and control of my body. I learned to sense it's energy as it came out of hiding from being encased in muscle tissue and popped a Doxy on the spot. Catching it in the act the first two days killed off it's ability to in reproduce numbers to really take me over. Eventually either I killed off the last remaining Bugs or those remaining just gave up the battle. Cause I cured myself of all symptoms as there has not been a flair up in over eight years. Of course it did do the knee and some other damaged. However there is another cousin Bug that may of been what I had later on in our run since I live in the woods and Ticks which carry these characters reside with me there. Fact is I also considered that these Lyme Bugs had something to do with the new fellow that came into my life and stayed, to leave when the Lyme symptoms no longer showed their face. ??? They carried quite the same vibrational energy traits, my relationship with both were the same story. We must remember invaders such as this are also Beings, just a different species, who live in us on our muscles, just as we live in this universe on the planet.We are ONE and more alike that we choose to recognize.
Now having told my Lyme story, I'm going to watch this video.

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