Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HEART MIND and Law of Attraction

Lately I've been working at Not thinking about all the new philosophy we're to apply to life beyond 2012...Why? cause there is a need for testing just how much of it has really become part of us. By doing this then we know how much of it must be worked at so it is working FOR us and not Against us. This Dryer event was a perfect way for higher self to show this with the Law of Attraction.

We all knew this Law! We just find it hard to practice to our advantage! We run thoughts through our mind that give us results we don't want. Like the dryer didn't start, just hummed. Son said belt, I though motor. It of course turned out motor.(a though I didn't need cause I didn't need to replace this 16yr old dryer which a new motor would make little sense in as other plastic things are going) [LofA drew to me energy of what I thought] Same happened with the price of a new one..last time needed they averaged $350, thought now $500 with inflation, all I felt comfortable with paying was $400. Because I said my purpose for eBay selling is to get the new things needed to set life in order physically beyond 2012, and this must be done without taking anything from the bank account or charging on credit. [Through eBay that week I'd earned $400 so that was the energy I started putting out to pay. but also had put out the energy of the average price as $500 and that in both cases is just what I got back as my reality] Finding this my thinking became ~must find some way to cover the amount over $400 I'm expecting to pay~ cause this was what the universe gave me to spend. Well got home and there was $102 purchase on eBay that I needed to make up the difference..[Law of Attraction coming back to me with the energy I put out] I've been shown how this Law works very smoothly ~and always has~ we just don't always recognize this with the simple unimportant things or situations like a dryer.

That Law is always functioning and for this reason we must be ever mindful of our smallest most mundane thoughts. Had I not placed a though of inflation in my life then the price would of stayed closer to that old $350 average and $400 earned, and I wouldn't of needed the extra to cover beyond what the universe gave me. The Universe provided back food for my vibration. It wasn't supplying my mind thinking energy the food it was feeding the true vibration from my heart thinking.
(thinking from our heart center is not about Love ~ sometimes
it will be mundane life stuff like dryer replacements) I've now recognized this about this thing of Living from our Heart...We live from the heart all the time not just with the important things of life such as love but with all things. When we think from our heart center it's thinking with the Energy Vibration We vibration had in it an inflation rate of increase and this is exactly what I got back via the LorA, but in this case it worked cause I'd also placed in my Vibration for eBay selling as my means of funding the things needed to be set up for energy star and greener savings beyond 2012. I sold on eBay the price paid for that new emergency generator last fall, then the magnetic mattress pad this spring and now the dryer. The Law of Attraction is
bringing back to me what I'm putting out in heart thinking not mind thinking. This has all become very clear now what they are telling us when they say the Law of Attraction feeds to us the vibration we are, and that vibrations is not from our mind but from our HEART MIND.


Anonymous said...

beautiful. It is the heart that emanates our being but so often the mind causes an interference signal which seems to get our "attention" so we give life to the wrong source from within.

Keep writing. Your voice is a song to to others...hopefully these comments make your heart sing :)

aKuna Kumara said...

Thank You - encouragement helps and the comments help to let us know we are not just talking to ourselves.