Thursday, March 22, 2012


I'm posting this not having listed to it...But I do trust Katy and her speakers are shot...What gave me a laugh is I don't think I need to listen as my life has been very Aries this past week...That in itself is an Aries ME attitude.I'm an Aries Rising it's how I present myself to the public even though a Taurus (always loved the U R us in the sun sign) anyway. I've been aggressively putting myself before the world as I'm desiring to make life changes in the going Greener but in style as modern day by selling Stuff that no longer serves me to those it will serve a useful purpose. This means eBaying most of the day and hitting the PO every afternoon to ship. It also means aggressively shopping for new Greener Energy Efficiency all Aries stuff. So if you guys want you can clue me in as to what Kathy is saying in this New Moon Video...Thanks and enjoy

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