Saturday, March 31, 2012

A New Stone Friend in My Family

As promised more of the Stone People.!!! Last weekend went to Gem Show. Mixed raw and faceted and over the years have made many contacts for both. Most of the two hours walking was spent scanning, catching up on life with people not seen for the past 2yrs.(missed it last year)There were several things I wanted, a trip with the exception of two new healing stones. No one had them even in asking they looked a bit stumped. Then just as I was about to leave someone was calling me. A stone someone that is, from about 20ft away. Meandered to the table and it was a crystal, but it said no not me. It seemed it was the spokesperson for someone more shy. A few feet away on the table there it was a beautiful iridescent stone of blues yellows and pink. "Flashing" It was almost shy trying to hide behind it's own colorful display it could not silence. It's name ~ Labradorite.
Knew nothing about it, there was a small card next to it with information. Seems it a Transformational Stone. Labradorite enhances strength of will and feelings of inner worth. Useful for bringing up childhood memories including past life issues. Labradorite can also help prepare body and soul for ascension.

Once home immediately sat it in the cleansing pond area till next morning. Cleansing of this sort helps minerals to release any energy that has accumulated from other peoples handling, leaving only the purity of themselves. Next days carried it, then mid week we became more intimate as it was placed under my pillow for the nightly sleep. Seems this lovely who is vocally shy is so because everyone notices it. It's not stage fright so much the discomfort of strangers staring and it feeling like it's slip is showing. Oddly this stone helps to provide a quick relief from anxiety or depression, and replaces it with the energy of self-confidence. ~now isn't that a hoot~ It actually feels what it can help us transform and release. Now this I didn't read until after I had this feeling about it's persona. So it speaks it's truth!

When reading the paper at the show of it's qualities, the one that had me say YES was it's ability to dispel negativity bringing clear understanding and clarity improving ones ability to cooperate with others in harmony. (immediately thought of son and myself). It enhances intuition in times of conflict, and in healing helps by treating eye and brain disorder along with regulating metabolism and digestive process. (eye & digestionhit home with me, but I need help in all areas it's proficient) So home she came.

It's a sister stone to moonstone and links to the darker Crone aspect of the Goddess. granting inner knowing of life's mystery. It's has the cord-cutting Crone in it, to release judgement so one can understand their destiny or in other words bring light into that shadow work we should all do before the end of our incarnation. They say it's effective in alleviating bone issues, spinal column disorders, also wear and tear on joints with Rheumatism and arthritis. IT also has pain killing properties which is something I read after the fact.(it what I was looking for in the stones I could not find at the show) It also likes to be cleansed under water which like opals brighten it's iridescence. In appearance this stone is it's TRUTH. It hides under a dark blue exterior and as it moves it flashes inner's shy nature and inner competence. So it was a stone far more needed the the ones I was looking for.

Thus far I've brought up some issues regarding son and I being together at this time in our lives. After a few tears and anger I accepted it with love and reassurance it was the right thing we had both chosen regardless of it being the hardest relationship we could of both chosen at this time. So thus the old memories and releasing with more cord cutting is occurring. Also it seems there is more harmony in this bantering son gives about every little thing. It's failing to become an argument btn us. Now pain well maybe? It seems some of the deep constant ache is gone from the knees, even though the surface stuff is there it goes and comes now.......Intuitively I bought another on the internet for son to use, as he is using another stone for pain relief presently, but this seems to fit a wider range of need.
So "Labrodite" a fantastic new friend helping Transformation in many ways as we move into the new energy it offers new assistance.
And NO the photo is no of my Shy Girl...I didn't even think of invading her privacy.
P.S. "This pain release quality of minerals"...I've been told by Spirit, it's the physical pain itself, that is distracting us from reforming our thinking about our ills and ailments...this is why these new stones with pain releasing qualities are now coming to light....Once we can stop thinking our ills into existence cause the pain is no longer a constant reminder, we will be able to release the dis-ease and heal our health issues from the base cause which they derived in our emotional body, As long as we continue to think them we give them energy to exist.

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