Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Paradigm Cleansing/Charging Crystals

Crystal's and Gemstones are all as different as you and I, so when it comes to their preferences of how they like to be cleansed or charged they are just as different. Listening to them means ASKING and then silencing our mind to recognize that which runs through as thought is quite likely not, but more us picking up the vibration of what we might call stone thought. It's really a vibration, or their associated response to the thought vibration you put out about the cleansing process. So their talk is a vibrational response to what we put out as a question, and it all takes place in the consciousness of the energy field around us.

Some cultures practiced rituals for cleansing and many years ago we moderns picked up on them, but spiritual maturity taught me to apply intuitive thought over that which others do out of custom. Our customs are not the stones customs. In past life I smudged, but in this life smoke of grasses bother my eyes and I've never had a stone ask for smudging. Fact is natives were not always near a big water source but always had a fire going for cooking if not heat.The idea was smoke as it rises carries away density. That's fine but in truth we know smoke also gooks up air quality and leaves scum on windows, it does same to Stones and our eyes, skin and lungs. So this ritual is just that "Our Ritual of past" in which we placed an intent for cleansing, thought is what does the work with assistance of smoke. Modern intellect says we place the intent, it is not in the smokes consciousness to do this. Today I now ask what each stone wants, each time I cleanse one.

For cleansing running them under water is often enough. Then a nice dry sun bath. Other times they may prefer being placed in a sieve or protective sack in the stream of the Vortex Pond. Some days it's out in rain, and in winter they love the snow, but not ice. These are all the normal quick cleanse processes. Several time there were requests for Wind power to blow density away. For really deep down cleansing they will be buried in soil for a period of time. (had one crystal that stayed there for 8years. Then one day I heard calling ~ it was ready to be recognized again =this crystal showed me what the world would be like without love vibration, it was horrid. It served this purpose and then needed to rid itself of all trace of that consciousness energy. Now I can't tell which one it was.) There are those who also prefer Sand or Sea Salt, both draw density out slow and steadily. When my groups meet regularly most of the stones preferred living in a bed of Sea Salt which neutralized. The huge Crystal needs a support as it's not flat and has chosen a natural pellet that absorbs moisture. It was it's Green Thing for the house not for the stone. Then there is Blowing Roses, one puckers and blows love air, and it blows the energy of heavy density away with our loving effort, but the most common way is simply a run under the faucet and just as I do with my own shower, visualize the rods (-) of density being washed away. Mental Visualization is very powerful!

The most common form of charging is SUN. Some like the moon, but usually it's a thing of sun and moon exposure. As to time, well that's individual too. You just have to be listening to know when they are again ready to socialize. Some prefer just outside,others like the woods or the Vortex pond. Others the Transmutation Pond, a few even like to be powered by other Crystals. This is give and take between them, a form of healing their own kind which in turn heals the healer. I had a couple stones spend the summer in my small fountain under the running water and flow kept them charged, it was to heal them. A popular charge is the Full Moon or New Moon. The energy's is very powerful at this time, they absorb energy rays of consciousness not what we see as light rays, so even at cloudy times they get the same charge. Their overall most popular cleansing and charging spots are out in nature. AND not so odd, but they love to sit on the laps of the Big Rocks and Boulder. The natural rocks here are very energized, and connect underground to another Sacred spot known to the public today as Ringing Rocks. In past life my tribe did ceremony in that glacier field of boulders, still today it holds a powerful reverse energy flow. People feel the energy, but the are to dense yet to recognize what is felt is a reverse flow....Wildlife avoids the place, people aren't that smart and have disturbed the blessing placed there by an Earthkeeper tribe of the Turtle Clan. I avoid it to as they have compromised the positive flow and it would be impossible to combat this with it being a Pa. state visitation park.

So this is why I listening to the stones themselves not the know it people. Stones are all different, all consciousness in manifestation. They deserve our respect by honoring their rightful place within creation. They deserve being heard, rather than us practicing ritual which is ours on them.Hearing them is a huge part of the current transformation in awareness taking place. Learning to respect the rights of ALL CREATION ~ Stones to are beings manifested from consciousness in their own chosen form..

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