Saturday, April 7, 2012

the Healing Stones Get a TEST

Late Thursday stones ordered arrived. Friday had good chance to test them as Oneson and I put up extra fence area for horse pasture. The lawn finally dried, you don't sink into it like a bog, that's what they got as their rent payment ~Mowing. A must they say it's getting high ~ of course there was lots of kicking and squawking, but they will suffer through. What this meant was my doing lots of walking to get stack metal posts and white PVC pipe that slides over them which gets electric ribbon connectors screwed on it. Makes for a horrid looking, but secure, fencing and easily installed and removed. Son pounded posts, I was the gofer and doing ribbon stringing, KodyDog hunted moles, horses patiently supervised making sure we did it right. Took close to two hours, sons broken leg in pain, my knees could be heard yelling down the bottom of the mountain . Job done stones got their test!
Isn't the timing just to perfection Again! Love It...

Started with the new Rough African Serpentine or InfiniteTM. It's a pretty color graygreen or very pale green. The edges are very sharp (splintering) and could be used for a knife or arrowhead. I see this could not be sold in rough as a healing stone, it really needs tumbling to smooth and polish it for safety reasons. This is stone purchased from the Shaman who cleanses and empowers it with blessings. It only needed a freshen-up after it's traveling experience. Being open grain and porous in rough it was done quickly with thought and was ready to go to work. BUT it did little or nothing for the pain and ache in my legs. After an hour I was getting messages it's purpose is not to act as a pill for instant relief, but to remove the deep emotional stuff to cure that which caused me to create the pain. With that it reminded me I don't have to do all the work myself, it's time for me to let go of this 'control' and hire it out..(referring to current source of pain from fence installation) 'I have a lifetime of doing it myself cause it's always easier to get it done right that way'. Ok so it works clearly with past issues and the control aspect. The joints, muscles and connective tissues healing is yet to be seen, but I'm sensing something different there as I type this the next morning. It isn't going to relieve pain instantly, but the joints and muscles feel different?????. It's a softer touch working over hours days and months from what I'm sensing, that brings about perminant restructuring if worked with long enough after the initial pain is released. This is the long term healing cure.

Finally I put it away and got the Butterstone I've had for about two weeks. It worked almost instantly to start relieving pain. It was a physical pain it released and instead of muscles tightening as they wanted to, it relaxed them and the pain decreased. It is the "Pain Release Pill". Now Butterstone is also able to be purchased in rough, it's not sharp, but it's lovely and silky in the polished form and the perfect worry type stone to carry. This is what I do with it. For me it has something that gets me up and doing what has to bedone, forgetting the pain, and before I know it, it's gone. It unlike the Serpentine/InfiniteTM does not want me to stay and meditate on it to work out past issues that caused me to create the pain. It has me forget the pain and with that then releases it from within.
Both pain healers but each in a different way, each providing what is needed in these times as humanity moves into the new energy cycle where it can become it's own source of Self-Healer.

Now remember my impressions are first time use...neither has been tested over time. Also different people react differently to different stones; this is just my impression. Also in this case with the Serpentine being sharp in the rough, it needs tumbling to polish it regardless of how it may cause ill effects. Therefore,YOU must make sure of two thing on getting some:
#it comes from Africa (others don't have the healing quality)
#if you can only get that which is labeled InfiniteTM then it must
be cleansed and healed of the energy of that illuminati money mongering concept placed in it by those who it is distributed through. That somehow appears (from a distant perspective) to twist the vibrations for releasing control over other. Cause the twist it creates via the tumbling is not what any of us need add
to our persona vibration. It's sort of like the tumble creates an instilled dizziness that twists this portion of it's vibration.

As for Butterstone it's just buttery soft and gentle but immediate. It seems to slip and slide through the process of tumbling like a pat of butter would and is none the worse for it. Had a clear visual, tumbling to it was like spin to the Twirling Dervish who experiences a bit of vertigo once they stop spinning, but it rapidly dissipates and vision returns to normal soon after not spinning. As with the Dervish that spin helps to raise it's vibrational of consciousness.
NOW That Was An Epiphany!
Tumbling can be a positive experience for stones rather than a negative one. How exciting.

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