Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pluto is Lightening Our Load

April 10th Tuesday the god of the underworld and of wealth,went retrograde in Capricorn..Ya PLUTO retrograde till September 18th this year. Is it time to hit the panic button? No when planets are retrograde they don't always bring negative, they sometimes just hold time in space to "Allow". That means something positive.. This particular planet retrograde will at this time allow us to let go of that which no longer serves us. Yes another chance given to us with cosmic blessings. It's going to point us toward being more flexible by learning to accept that which we may not think we want, and to deal with less rules which is good, the harsh part is that will require us to Police Ourselves regardless of how much we may not want something. In the end it will be for our greater good even if we don't like it. Plutonian energy has an intensity about it, and it causes us to become more intense, concentrating on the direction of our life. You'll see things differently and react in your life to make the changes but not always do it because you want to. Pluto in Capricorn means it will test our ability to endure as mature adults (in Capricorn the goat who takes one step backward for every two steps forward). We'll need to prove our leadership ability and inner strength. Also (and now I see where I've been going with incorporating the mineral kingdom in my life as healers) those of us suffering disease ailments and illness will be able to make fast recovery through perseverance and being organized in our effort as this transit is directed toward our inner activity. We might not like the adjustments but in the end they will be our healing force.

It's important to ward off all Negative thinking and keep the Positive ever present. Guess what ~~~all the heavy baggage Pluto has had us carrying can, with this action, be lightened. Over all this spring and summer will be a deep soul search time of releasing the burden and the emotional stuff that has been creating our pain and ill health.......Pluto is always hard on us ~ makes us grow up by doing what is necessary to get on in life, even if it's not what we want, and always in the end we say thank you cause we see it was our way of survival.

WALLA what we think of as the harbinger of doom is bringing us opportunity for vast enlightened light heartedness the hard way, but we're getting what is for the greater good as the baggage is left behind.

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