Monday, April 16, 2012

Taurus NEW MOON April 21st

Being busy else where in life I've sort of missed what is happening with the cosmic transits, so being drawn today to this I was really excited as Pluto in Capricorn has been great to me and adding this Taurus energy (my natal sun) makes it a bigger mentioned before I'm a Wayshower so thing happens for me to experience before it hits the rest of the humanity.. hard but good then I can share it with others to clue them in....
Have all the things I need for the new full size bed - bought on line - since the new magnetic mattress pad I got 1 1/2mos ago was for the Queen size bed it won't fit the new full size mattress I'm getting. Still testing the pad out I used it 2wks on and 1 off then 3wks on and 1 off .. loaned it to daughter with Lupus this off week and she says it really showed a big difference in her energy and pain level by the second morning...So I'm giving it to her, she is arguing this but I'll owe her for transportation to and from cataract surgeries twice plus the next day doctors post-op's a 20min drive from her to me then a 40minute dive to hospital and back each time to&from.. so this is a good way to pay her as she said she wanted to get one when she could afford it, and she's arguing my paying for her transporting me... I paid on sale $256. for this Full one (1grade up same would of been $204) and for the original Queen only pd $130.Will never see them this low again so she'd pay twice what I did if she bought one ~ we are both getting a great deal and something tells me the Universe planned it this way cause she can't afford these things right now. It also make me feel good releasing a tad of guilt for passing this on to her through genes (both my daughters now have been affected)...So this was good planning cause we are both making out great on our exchange...Great Energy Is Swirling in My Vortex right now and Taurus New Moon will only add good to it.

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