Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cactus Quartz Another New Healer Stone

Time to share another new Mineral Kingdom friend I've been getting to know, but like with people it takes time so this is just a first impression post on what is called Cactus Quartz. This is named because of appearance, also is called Pineapple or Spirit Quartz, sometimes Fairy or Angel Quartz. People seem to go overboard putting their own experience into things rather than wait to gain an over all perception. This is so right on with this little guy cause this is precisely what it is here to heal in the human race. It's main job is to bring us to an understanding of Unity/Community working together as one not in separateness, so the idea of teaching us to wait a bit and then merge our finding about it will be to our advantage cause it's way more than what it's presently known to be. The name thing shows in it's manifested form, it is the energy it exhibits which is multi-faceted not prickly. Personally I like calling it Angel Spirit Quartz it best describes the energy persona it holds, but the most suitable is perhaps Cactus Quartz because it has so many attributes of energy radiating outward, just as Cactus has spines poking outward . It's a quartz crystal with terminated growth with hundred, thousands, of small little quartz points growing on it's surface. These aren't babies from the central core, they are more like growths we humans would get as pimples when our body is trying to release toxins. They come from us as part of us but aren't extensions of us. (If this makes sense) Several times I've heard how this is a good stone to work with for skin ailments. This is yet to be seen, but as soon as I heard that I said ""Yesssss"" that is why it called to me. Often find stones carry physical characteristics which they are adept to healing in humans. In other words they understand an affliction because they share a similar energy. Few mention this ability, but I'm feeling it's right because of my own reaction. My first thought was to get it for my daughter (she has the skin affliction of Lupus) Before any of this came into my thought I was drawn to purchase two Lilac Pink little ones, 1 1/2 inch tall and 3/4 inch diameter, covered with sparkly nubs. In a human it would be a horrid on condition, they have turned it into beauty like wearing stars of inner light.

Their energy is beautiful, some call them Angels because the quality is angelic filled with the unconditional love vibration. Their ability is to draw people to work in Unity of Oneness this is their big purpose for showing up in the now. They are being used by many groups to open up awareness of community in people. It's helping to release that singleton idea of all about self, so people work toward the greater good of all. I've thought of getting some to place in with each of these people that are so survival oriented building their compounds to keep others out in a planetary disaster. This community is represented in the stones appearance structure; they are One main crystallized central energy idea formed by the many. The little nubs represent the individual of the community making up the whole. These crystals are most always small which is right as their energy is very powerful compared to other stones. All these little nubs which are terminations themselves radiate an energy outward. I'm feeling the bigger picture is the community unity which will form by releasing the inner toxins of being self effected which is what creates our physical disease. So it has qualities for working with the human as a collective by healing the individual...A real WOW>>>>>

Above is a picture of one I can almost see the energy pattern which is a powerhouse shooting out in all directions.There are larger ones which are very expensive to buy and their energy is really too much for us to handle in an appropriate manner ~Yet. It's not so much overload as an overload of power likened to people who come into power and don't know how to use it ~then misuse it. Much like the old Mystery Schools and Atlantis occurrences. There is much yet to discover about this stone, but I'm strongly sensing it's here to heal us individually of our toxic thinking which is self oriented, which then helps us direct our thinking for the Greater Good of All In Unity.

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