Sunday, April 29, 2012

A New Life Format Beyond 2012

Seems like life has become does that to you, or at least to me when I get going..First I love graphics, what little I'm capable of self learned, so the artistic adventure is fun. But it has a way of drawing you in, not for the money, more to have people say yes you are able to sell yourself to them. It's having said the right thing to get them to look and then to buy, which is what your trying to do 'sell'. Realized last night as I was doing a price search, your lucky to ever get your items found there are so many listed. The pleasure is having accomplished what you set out to do. For me it's cleaning out that stuff which no longer serves purpose in my physical life, and with it fund the new things that will serve a better purpose. Thus far bought the Gas Generator for emergency outages. The magnetic mattress pad in March I gifted daughter for transportation services that she needed but would not of bought herself. If she did would have to pay twice as much in April as I did for a pad to fit new mattress which eBay sales paid for along with new linens to fit, plus clothes dryer replacement which I'm still trying to gift to someone. It's working well since this time around I'm not on eBay with the idea of making money, but upgrading life to a harmonic fit with the new energy paradigm.

Also not doing a sales pitch like a business to strictly sell the item; I'm trying to sell enlightenment too. Yes it use to work via channeling, then on blog sites when they were popular, now those interested are open to the new awareness and on spiritual paths and sites of learning. So it's time to expand and this is a good place to go. It's like anything else if peoples heads just aren't there they won't read and won't be drawn to click on the item either, cause we are always where we are meant to be in any given moment. It may not seem it but even something you come across and resist is an opening to new thought. I've been selling the awareness of Energy being all things. It's still necessary even though people recognize this as science, they still don't "live" the knowing. I'm stressing it's important where the items in your life come from cause their energy is in your auric field and energy itself become a part of who you are. Also on eBay there is a big seller draw by the occult with magic and spells. Yes people paying mega bucks for spells. This giving their power away to others, and it's time to awaken to the awareness this power is within each of us. Spells and Magick are simply the ability to move energy. We are all energy and all capable of manipulating it to transform it in what we reflect as our outer expression of experience. It is a simply matter of believing and not bringing the negative thought of doubt into your doing this. That's what all these lessons about Law of Attraction and the Hearts Brain Cells are about......CHANGE it's the very reason at present we are being faced with all these big choices, they are what IS creating the change in our beliefs, thinking, action, and reaction, to create the new reality we speak of in a higher vibration called ascension into 5th dimension. So I'm around cause I do love you the blog friends I've made, but I'm still walking my path of spreading enlightenment across the field of per my universal essence name aKuna Kumara expresses in tone and auric colors.

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