Sunday, May 20, 2012


Sometimes you forget _at least I do_ where my changing beliefs come from...In the last blog I shared my thoughts on aging...and low and behold they tie in with my beliefs on healing and it all comes from what I've thought long before ever hearing what others say scientifically say about this...

Summer and I got into a conversation regarding Tapping or EFT as a healing modality..It works and works well, if like other things you do it with conviction. I attended the 2011 Web Summit, you may remember I invited you all to join it was Free. My question regarding it is that it may not eliminate or remove the embedded memory from our unconscious thinking, then we may be left with this as part of our vibrational construct to continue later or to bring it back with us in future experiences.
Also I mentioned Bruce Lipton went to YouTube here are my answers. I laugh here as I just said somewhere in a more resent blog or comment, we are a product of what others think us........the unconscious mind age 0 to 6 form us from the thinking of others. So yes Summer it works but we have to then apply it to transform the inner beliefs about our genetic structure and how we allow it to exist as part of us.
Thank You Bruce you are the man !!!

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