Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Angel Is Using My Computer To Speak Now

Getting older you not only think more about health, but thoughts of longevity/genetics creep in. Probably cause medical community makes such a big thing of family history. Yes there is consideration here, but it's far more our personal lifestyle than anything else.I've just found out my opposing thinking on this is correct! For instance I smoked so did my parents. I know my fathers sisters didn't nor did their mates. Mothers sisters didn't, don't know about her brothers. I know both sets of grandparents didn't except for my fathers father - cigars, he passed young.Thought most of family on both sides had lived only to late70's, lost track after my parents passed cause we were not close living different states miles apart. I've wondered many times about aunts/uncles cousins, so it was strange the other day for some reason I typed my own address into Google Search Box (Don't Ask?? I know higher self did it) Lo and behold! a photo of my neighbors house came up with a red dot just past it marking the beginning of my woods. At first didn't understand then realized the dot is where street number/property line starts, so Google Mapping is not just ariel it's land marked through P.O. address & tax map. Working my way around found there is a tapered line pointing down the lane where I am at different mail address, but only a photo of my lane near road. one negative we have lost our privacy!

Started bringing up addresses as I remembered them of relatives. Age or not memory is great here! Knew my one grandparents and several aunts on both sides, there homes were there looking much different than remembered, all sold years ago as there was also real estate information came up on one being For Sale.Interest spurred, began looking at these small towns history. Canton NY was easy as a college town, my uncle had been Dean of College, so his families info was published. His wife, mothers sister, had moved down state where her sons/my cousins lived and worked. She lived to 97, her sister was still alive at 99 in 2010. Well past their 70's, opposed to mother who had lived to only 76 and their mother 78 who had 9 children and a hard life. My fathers town had good information being seaway with war history, someone did history of the only cemetery in town. Even pictured my aunts my parents and brothers grave stones. So I learned my parents lived shortened lives, while their peers live into their late 90's both sides. One cousin passed at 69 even tho having suffered retardation and debilitating asthma all her life, others are still kickin. What I saw was lifestyle and attitude/mind sets played as an important role in longevity as genetics, and I actually do come from a line of longevity on both sides.

Importance here for me is a better vision of myself, probabilities and possibilities for life expectancy. Knowing now Higher Self directed me there with purpose, cause I'd started to think of 70 being near the end of my span. Higher Self or my angel as some call it, wants me to see different as having a good chance of living another 30 years into late 90's should I choose to. This shows me setting my thinking on the right path is what's necessary. This falls in line with a 70th birthday at the same time I got cataract surgery to now see like I did at 40. The same time healing has begun on my knees using magnetic pads and proper supplements. At the time I'd adversely begun to slack off, thinking what the hell, not giving a damn and eating sons crappy prepared foods. The latter plays into longevity cause my long living ancestors didn't eat prepared food most of their lives, use microwaves nor were they subjected to excessive close range toxins like yard chemicals and smoke do to lifestyle. So this Google Search has given me a new outlook on my life thanks to my angelic higher self. This is only one of a series of things provided me lately to see 70 and young cause I'm living to be a healthy active100. My aunts all lived active lives in their own homes until passing and I've been able to consider the differences in personality and attitudes to those who passed early. It has me again revisiting Bruce Lipton's videos his book and the Heartmath website videos......
it ain't for naught!!!!!!

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