Friday, May 25, 2012

Going With The Flow

Computers they can make your life heaven or make it a hell. I've seen the later a few times. If they were just for fun it would be different, but started on one to supplement store income back in 1998. Economy was a bit rocky even then, WallyWorld was moving up on the main highway and we knew they did everything including jewelry repair. So it was a hedge against inflation so to speak. It was a few years before spirit was warning us to pay up debt, get finances under our control. I listened cause we were being warned then about these times we are now in. Since then the computer has stumped me several times, I'm self taught. Somehow manage to get the knots it gets itself into untied. Last night was one of those times.An unexpected eBay sale took me to USPS for postage. Most items fit padded envelopes which go out in my rural mail box. This needed a Box and had no other reason to go down the hill, so clicked for pick up by post man. No workie! Last time I'd tried it didn't work either, then phoned post office to get pick up as I couldn't drive and wasn't about to play computer fixeruper being between the eye procedures. Firefox had give me a popup I'd foolishly click to block some dangerous program and after that could only get half way down USPS pick up page. Hadn't needed it again till last night. After searching everything I could think to unblock it, tried to restore the PC to a date before the popup. Took an Hour...No workie! Spent another hour undoing the restore point so would not be without current updates. Finally got to complete the work I had been doing and tried one last time before bed~the site allowed me. WALA!!!! ??????

My only inkling is spirit is testing me, keeping me aware and prepared to stay in highest resonance without allowing life to upset my cart. Life is a reflection of our inner resonance, mine must be calm and at it's highest frequency as I didn't fluster over the computer failure and took it in stride. Said to son the worse is I'd have to run the box to the post office in morning. At same time he'd been grumbling about the week of rain, soggy garden and lawn like a wet sponge. My comment was ~ can't change it so have to work with it, that was my purpose in trying container gardening to have some amount of control. Spirit warned us years ago these time would come and we'd be required to hold our highest resonance against tidal waves of adversity. We'd be required to remember all our lessons of resent years on how to do that. It wouldn't be easy but this was the only way we would ascend the old paradigm frequency into the new.Warning heeded and applied!!!! I passed with flying colors ~ so far just goin with the flow.

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