Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Event That Changed More Than This Universe

Time to discuss something seldom spoken of...why? cause most humans are having enough problems dealing with present human incarnation on Earth to be concerning your selves with the outer worlds...Fact is you came here to be here, to experience here and others worlds are not your concern as they are not a part of this experience. Nice knowing of them, but they have their own experiences to contend with. The thing here is you are at a point of needing to recognize, accept the statement and do more by acting upon it.
It is more than just a catchy phrase or
a set of words...It is a truth. It carries way way more meaning than most of you place upon it. You know what it means but you don't calculate it into your thinking, you do not incorporate it into your attitudes or expressions of life....if you did you would think and speak much differently of what is occurring in this transformation of 2012 on your planet. Why cause you would realize it is ongoing throughout the ALL Dimensions. That is the catch, even those knowing it is happening in what they call the Space Frontier, only see it as in this dimension, and many perceive that outer space battle as being about earth when it is not it's about that dimension. Those thinking them selves so knowing, do not realize that the As Above includes All Dimensions far beyond this one or the next of your reality awareness.

At this very moment the same battle taking place on planet, is taking place in the outer reaches of your space in all dimensions beyond this one. All things occur in the same moment there is no them/us no then/now no past/present. This is not just this and the next dimension, but all dimensions of all frequencies are experiencing at their own level of awareness the same. Humans on this planetary surface are encountering it through EGO battles of their own kind as others are encountering it in EGO battles of their kind at their level of existence of experience..Yes on Earth, if you take all that is occurring within you, all that is happening spiritually, all disruptions, wars, economic and financial woes, government turnovers, etc. you will see at the base of them is the same thing ego. Human EGO, the BIG EGO out of balance. The BIG EGO says me first, my way, I'm right. Human used their position of Stewardship for RULERSHIP over others of their species and over all other kingdoms. Humans are in no uncertain terms Narcissistic. Our conduit read just the other day an article from Lara Tyco about a physiologist who feels their is a whole other species of humans that are Narcissistic. We had to laugh as they could not see they too are a version of the many versions of what is called Phycopathic the watered down version is the Narcissist.

What we are getting at is;
Earth your Ego battle is to not be ruled by others or leadership..
In Space it is Ego battles for planetary takeovers.
In other frequency dimensions it is another kind of Ego battle we are not privy to but it does exist....
You gave you the answer!
it is a reflective experience throughout all dimensions and all realities.
This event of your May 20th is part of it...It was an opening in the energy frequencies, a doorway, a Portal if you will, for earth to move into an energy field which will take it to a higher frequency. One in which all creation on planet will be able to relate to itself being Equal With All Else. It does not mean you are diminished as ego has told you. It means as STEWARDS you are in the position of organizing, gathering the troupes and seeing to it all work cooperatively together for the greater good of all, with no one outweighing the other as superior Including Humans. This is an overwhelming challenge for your planet. It is an overwhelming thing in all realities, in all dimensions. Each of you has enough of a challenge for yourselves, that you need be applying your effort toward transforming the self and not concerning yourselves about what the other guy in his reality is doing. It has value to be aware of the other dimensions of Above, but you can do nothing to change that dimensional reality as you are not part of. You can change this dimension and when you do this by placing the EGO of ALL in BALANCE on Earth you will then see the change in the reflection of the other dimensional realities, because it is the ripple effect of
AS ABOVE ~ SO BELOW, in reverse it will
Blessing my other parts of me aKuna

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