Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is it going to be EGO or ego

Remember how we've been told this latest May20th alignment was about ego balancing. Ego comes in many forms, I'm battling it and didn't realize it. eBay the other day posted a Power Seller symbol on my site, next day a Top Rated Seller symbol.This gives you discounts for the final value fees and some other schlock I don't need. It's a feather in your reputation cap to have these posted publicly as buyers tend to trust buying form you. What I realized is it's also a boost to the EGO yes the Big E. I'd started realizing that if I'm to maintain these standards I've got to work way harder than I planned, my interest was not in being a business, but just getting rid of stuff that is cluttering my life. I could get just as much fee break by not having a store and getting 50 free listings each month, then if they don't sell there is nothing spent but time. As it is I can really only keep up with about 100 items so am I really earning enough on the 50 to compensate for the cost of a store and the work, against the other way? Realized EGO says this is a great feeling being one of the big boys again, but it's not my purpose. So EGO must become ego with the right perspective to balance and best serve my plan and not eBays.

There are a million of other ways we are all going to be doing this Ego Balancing act....we need remain conscious of it. Like my friend got angry the other day cause several of us expressed views of knowing in regard to after life. Well sorry the other person had near death experience, and I continually speak to both my daughter and sister plus others who are on the other side relating to me their afterlife experiences which no one else has ever expressed that I know of. This friend thought it was her place to speak cause someone (a human) gave her a certificate from a class she'd taken to become a Metaphysical Minister. Sorry lessons form others and their experiences don't qualify even with a piece of paper, as first hand experience just carries more validity. Certificates on the wall, Letters behind names, Degrees have in the old paradigm been the standard of proficiency and superiority. However, in the new paradigm proficiency, superiority, will take a back seat to true Wisdom and there is no Certification for that..... So EGO of many so called Educated people will be worthless as Reputation of Wisdom will be what society accepts as the higher value system to be respected, look up to and seek assistance from. (we are already seeing this as respect for medical doctors gives way to to the natural healers who are truly Curing not just covering up symptoms with pill pushing or removing organs)

Others of us are battling EGO with health issues which are requiring us to suffer until we back down and say we can't do it all, we must unify and work with others to survive in comfort and wholeness of health and often accept their way which is different from ours.. I've had to do it, with daughter and her busy ways and with sons and his ways. What it gained me was more love and also assistance with transportation and son's cleaning the house not just his messes and doing the cooking every other night. So EGO all the way around balances as ego for more harmony with the current new frequencies, and we must be attuned to where the balance is needed in our daily lives..

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