Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What? Why? How Come? Whats the Game?

Things are changing and when it comes down to it most of us really don't like change. We don't like to see our personal lives change, our town, the job, we don't like to move or see that with friends etc., we don't like the economic change, and we don't like our cyber life changing. But CHANGE is the name of the game we are playing right now, so if your going to find happiness and peace of mind then you have to "accept" the game and how it's played. The rules here are to ACCEPT THE UNEXPECTED WHICH CREATES THE CHANGE. If you don't accept it you go back two spaces for every space you've moved forward in your last forward move. If your not careful eventually through not accepting you'll move yourself backward right off the board and your out of the game.

So this May 20th was the big event~~!! It was the alignment that totally changed the energy frequency of this reality. Why wasn't it more published cause many who knew also knew those who are not in the know would of, could of, gone bonkers with the negative thinking. Even those knowing of things probably are near 50% negative thinking that this world is going to end..It Isn't! And because it is a transformation not an ending the energy needs be on the positive note so we can uplift energy for creating a better new reality. So even though the news was out there, higher sources sort of had a cloud thrown over it so it didn't get that negative hype. This event created what is called a Portal. We don't see portals physically, they are energy doorways. They are on a much bigger scale than the door to our house, they are doorways through which our planet moves and as it does the energy or "atmosphere" on the other side of this door is felt as different. It's a different FREQUENCY or TONAL VIBRATION.. So when the Earth Moon and Sun aligned with Alcyone A, a blue-white B-type giant in the Pleiades cluster in the Taurus constellation, this created the energy of a portal. The alignment is a major event only occurring every 26,000 years and therefore this energy combo creates a massive vibrational occurrence known as a portal of new energy vibration.

This Portal is going to effect us in how we feel and emotionalize cause emotions are energy. Mainly it's going to make us see the world around us as the game it is and quite mundane to the overall picture of the universal plan. With this new emotional energy swirling around us we will be more able to put our ego in balance IF we are willing accepting the changes. We will not feel so important as we will see us more in perspective with the whole. Our cultural standards will be viewed as ways to change the game and not the place to get to or thing to attain. In the end it will lead us to realizing our exchange with all other energy (all is energy) is what carries the prime importance as the vibration of that is what we've been calling peace, happiness, joy, delight, love, etc. So if you feel off, depressed, as if life is useless, like no one agrees with you, or if ego is wanting it's extra boosts right now, it's the new energy we moved into when we entered the Portal created by this powerful alignment............and sorry we didn't tell you, but sometime what you know can hurt you and what you don't know about it your better off just experiencing without having opportunity to create unwarranted fear beforehand from anticipation through old beliefs..
Blessing to ALL ~~~ aKuna

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