Monday, May 21, 2012

Did You See The Ring of Fire

Alice has a wonderful blog on this ~ worth your reading

For me that beautiful Ring of Fire could not be seen as the sun had long been down by 9:30pm.I'd gotten busy as our time on the east coast was to far into night to think sun, but the energy hit me. Now I didn't think it would as this alignment is a slowly progressive thing and really should not, but it did slam me and first thought was oh no what now ~I was so taken off balance. After sitting a bit I realize it was the alignments planetary energies and ran to the PC to see what I could with it already in progress. After a bit of slow searching got a great view up live from California. However thanks to modern techies (there are always polarities to everything) I watched it 'live on the web'. It was great. Truly fantastic as I did prayer meditation during it.

This morning after a wonderfully sound nights sleep, was not really awake yet but in the bathroom, a sudden flush of emotion came over me with a sense of urgency to do it. DoWhat?? dang if I know, there is nothing on the agenda. Then I realize it was EGO kicking up, trying to survive oblivion, and to do this applied a sudden importance to itself with the "to does" to make life happen and proving itself with the doing. That's ego..and this powerful alignment energy is going to have us put EGO in balance. It may just go kicking and screaming if we haven't been doing our work on self.

Ego is many things we don't assume it to's what we are at this point cause it's so far out of balance. It creates war it's so far off center.So this is no easy task ahead of us to put it in it's rightful place of the center. Center keeps us human and alive surviving life, it also puts our thinking us as One with the All. Center means we think first of the Greater Good of the All and not simply for the self or strictly doing for the other guy. And this is not how we have been thinking. So this Balancing Ego is not going to be a task for lightweights...
Are You Ready for this dance?

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