Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's About to Happen Today ~~~

IF your expecting some super event today you'll be very much disappointed. this is a Super Happening but not really an event. IT's more a Marker Point in time when energy reaches an apex and much that has been worked toward will then be able to come to fruition. We've been winding down a cycle of frequency and this is the point at which it reaches the Midnight hour and we start to reboot the new day the new cycle the new frequency. You probably won't feel a thing unless your actually to too tooo sensitive. What will happen is you'll get a new upload and so will your world. It will be like a new dawn when the sun rises slowly and spreads it's glow across the horizon of our lives. This Pleiadian Eclipse Alignment is a portal or opening to Grete new energy that will act as a trigger point when their is a conjunction of the Central Star of the Pleiades in the Taurus constellation. For many who have been doing the work on self they will feel the energy as a dying of ego, we may feel a bit empty at first until we adjust. Don't get the wrong idea you won't be devoid of ego, to be human you must have ego, you will simply override it so it no longer controls the show. In other words you Balance it...this is what I've been speaking of for so long...We have been in the Purification Time and with having done our work will now find the BALANCE WITHIN... the changes we will be making will take is into the new era of harmony and unconditional loving acceptance beyond what we ever dreamed possible.
BLESSINGS Namaste aKuna

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