Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Opal Opalescence and our New Chakra

In the last blog a contact said she had recently pulled out her Opal ring to start wearing it, just as I recently pulled out all the opals to sell them and also work with some myself. Presently I offer small  carry bags with 13 small 3.5mm opals to use in Healing and Attuning our 13 new chakra. For some reason even though aware of the new chakra system, spirit felt we were not ready as a whole to do this, as so many were playing catch-up learning about the original 7 chakra. It's now time for those who have been aware of new chakra to seriously work with and understand them fully, and how they were the chakra the advanced civilization of Atlantis had available to them but did not fully use. WE Literally are at the part of the play where Atlantis blew itself up...WE have the opportunity in this moment of time to not repeat that mistake and it begins within with our inner chakra work by purifying them and spinning them in wholeness of health to keep thought and action in  balance....(can not express how important this statement is to the survival of humanity and the planet.)

Humanity is moving into a new cosmic energy cycle beyond year 2012, with it we are up
grading DNA RNA and opening chakra which were dormant,  finding our old 7chakra system is now obsolete. It is important we work with the new 13 chakra system, if we desire to step into the new cycle as an ascended higher resonating being. Below is is a picture of the new Dimensional Solar Being, you can see the aura overall as we actively open and work each new chakra at the level of the 13th an opalescence begins to filter down into all chakra. This works in tune with the Tuaoi Stone of Atlantis which Edgar Cayce spoke of as being the source of attuning the finite to the infinite. The Tuaoi was an Opalescent stone.  While each chakra carries it's individual color the opalescence of the higher resonating 13th will radiate through all when solar male/female are fully merged and radiating it's new light.. If you've been reading about them you will see how no two people seem to agree on the new chakra colors. This is why! They in there new state of wholeness will all radiate Opalescence in all colors from the Infinite down. Due to the present frequency on earth we can only fully open 13 of the chakra, even though many are conscious of 22 and some 33 or more and beyond, these will activate over the next cycle of 26,000 years as we evolve into lightbeings.The way to work with these very small stones is by laying them out in your Sacred Space Alter, visualize them during meditation and healing sessions in the  full radiance of Opalescent/Tuaoi  as they filter into each chakras individual color as you sense it to be in you at that time. You can also carry them in your bag on your person to keep them working within your aura becoming a part of you. (which is my preference, and visualize them from there during meditation) These are not stones to handle you'll want to keep them cleansed from other energy vibration by their remaining in the bag or on your alter. Size is not important, these are powerful stones in vibration, prepared to assist you in your present transformation just as the Tuaoi once worked in Atlantis.

All 13 colors radiate from all 12 chakras
(in the diagram to the right the red at the mouth was misunderstood it is the Mouth of God at the base of the back of the skull...I've spoken of this before as being aware of it in myself, it is where physic attacks occur..and it must be protected with our awareness of it, also some colors are a bit off...from working with these chakra most people agree with what is below in writing.) We are all still learning and changing!

  1. Red=Root…… divine will and power, protection and nurturing of the birth  or creation and allowing it to thrive and manifest in the  world
  2. Yellow=Sacral……divine wisdom and illumination, higher thought regarding sex
  3. Pink=Solar plexus……between the old 2nd & 3rd divine love and reverence for all life, inspiration
  4. Gold=Diaphragm……ascension and resurrection, purification, zero tolerance for anything in fear or illusion
  5. Green=Heart……truth and healing, access to the records of your soul
  6. Turquoise=Thyroid High Heart…….divine grace and devotion,
  7. Indigo=Throat…….transmutation and forgiveness, locks in perfection
  8. Silver=Mouth of God at base of skull in back.…..perception connects to outer in put
  9. Violet=Pineal Third Eye………harmony and balance, the grand equalizer
  10. whitish sea-foam green=Crown…eternal peace, food for the soul, master teacher vibration
  11. Peach=Astral universal male Right side…our purpose, helps connect to your soul signature
  12. Deep Gold Pink=Astral universal female Left side……… transfiguration and transformation, transcendence beyond illusion into the worlds of illumined truth, creation through pure love.
  13. Magenta=merged R&L side of 11&12 remain but become one Drawing in opalescent of the infinite in the finite physical body

Comments and discussion is welcome .. it's how we share our wisdom

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