Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tuaoi Stone of Atlantean-Poseidian Era

Among junk jewelry left me by the X from our store, there are a few faceted gemstones, and a ton of mostly small OPAL. Love it but they say you should not wear it unless it is your Birthstone as it brings misfortune. Never knew why as it holds a soft loving energy which has been hard to define. Couple months ago bought a book on healing stones which related many of Edgar Cayce readings regarding them. Here I've gleaned some insight to this old wives omen of misfortune. Like with all things unenlightened people got carried away and misconstrued facts they could of gained from had they not feared their own inner nature. This is the meaning of "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" the fear is within your mind. Apparently a novel written in 1821 by Sir Walter Scott titled Anne Of Geierstein gave Opal a bad rep via the heroines death being attributed to the change color of an Opal when it came into contact with holy water. A wonderful sync with this is opals other history, but certainly none that is so ominous to make it feared, rather just the opposite unless your seeking the negative. As a jeweler handling many Opals it was found to carry Goddess like energy. It's an emotionally fluid energy gained from the Moon Goddess of Emotion. Opal is made up of anywhere from 3 to 30% water, thus logically it aligns with the 80% fluids of our body bringing to the surface any emotional issues we are currently having or issues from past lives we carry in our energy layers which we brought with us as lessons to be worked though. Logic says the only negative is that we carry which Opal draws to the surface for us to deal with. We may not like it but this is what we have hidden deep within our energy layers, and Opal is doing it's spiritual work bringing it into our conscious level of awareness. Opal is a stone of power comprised of flowing pastel pinks blues greens and yellows rays constantly in a state of color change depending upon water content, photon light it holds and that which refracts upon it's surface. Their is every possibility that a High Frequency Holy Water could create a change of color if in the Opal when in it's energy field.

Edgar Cayce gave us a vast amount of information about Atlantis and what was called the Tuaoi Stone, which was at the center of activity in the temple of the Atlantean-Poseidian era. It's said to be six-facet stone which was opalescent,with white light directed from above. Cayce said the light appeared to be a means of communication between the infinite and the finite.He later described it as a spiritual light. The Tuaoi Stone was a large chunk of gemstone used in the temple not something to be worn. According to him it was almost a foot high, and an egg shaped whitish stone with luminescent rays of light blue, yellow and pink emanating from it like an Opal/"Tuaoi". Is this the stone spoken of that had been misused by Atlante ans? Is this where the stories of fear derive from, feeling we would again do the same and misuse it's gifts?.

There are may stories of Opal and Fire-opals through history and Cayce channeled great information on them. Having conquered egos greed, and need for recognition or power I hold no fear that I should misuse this gift from the Opal. It is time to maybe honor the Tuaoi Stone for the gift it grants as the stone which serves to surface our most feared memories and emotions so we can deal with them to find true enlightenment and our finite connection with the infinite. I'm strongly sensing Opal is a stone for enlightenment the Atlantis stone spoken of.

Here I am about to sell Opals which have been basking in the sacred photon light of the Vortex in the woods. Offering them on eBay at give away prices so humanity can connect to the infinite as Atlantean's once did... This time however we will do it right as we will not be working with the powerful energy of a temple stone powering Atlantis, but small stones genteelly empowering us individually towards greater enlightenment of our Oneness.

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