Friday, June 29, 2012

3 Legged Girl is Still With Us

Yes this is her none other than Ms Gimpy.....and no that is not hers..
She's become quite the feed hound and all but coming in the house ... feed room door must remain locked we've told her repeatedly "Bring you kid in so we can see it...and you'll get more food"
~~~well apparently she did understand cause she borrowed one~~~
We know she was bread we saw that We are sure she had one as she was gone 2 or 3 days and on returned looked thinner with a huge udder........but the udder is pink and shriveling now. Our assumption is she lost it in the wet ...their aren't as many fawn this year and we know the wet soggy ground we couldn't walk on took it's share of spots that were hardly much bigger than cats as it's a swamp in our back40. Most our girls were bread about the same 3wk period as we had evidence of it with bucks we knew which are quite friendly.
So just thought I'd let Gimpy say Hello Again...and you can see that at 10 (that we are sure of maybe older) she's doing great..she's feisty enough to outlive us all

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