Friday, June 29, 2012

Timing Agape Crystals and Mother Earths Kundalini

Life is just so darn exciting when you live in a Higher state of Consciousness. Today began fantastic and continued to be so in harmonic sync it's unbelievable. The last thing to happen as just as I walked outgoing mail to the box on the road the trash truck pulled up. The guy that owns it bought the business from his brother who was parent to my one daughters best friend, the grandparents were my children's adopted grandparents taking them to Sunday School every week. The grandmother just disengaged life last Sunday. So timing was to perfection as I reached the truck pulled up and got to ck in on the grandpop to make sure he was being kept busy. After fifty years of marriage he will be at a loss and he is 93 this August and quite with it not looking a day over sixty.....Timing that is such a part of living in the harmonic tone of higher resonance.

Only minutes before this I'd finished taping the computer paid postage to the package of 7 Dorge..(a Dorge is the symbol in Buddhism of the Lightening Bolt enlightenment is to us). I'd sold 2 to a fellow in Hawaii later the last 3, so he wanted more and I ordered them they were not the same, much smaller for the same price. He took them anyway and all sold only to break even on them - a gesture towards world awakening...kept one having bought 8 and will either gift or sell it, spirit is saying sell it and make my profit now to cover my time&electric bill which has value. Anyway I was please to wake to the $ in my account to keep it even/Balance again.

I also woke to an eBay message from a stone dealer in Arkansas who I'd met on Bonanza and messaged him, he responded in a very friendly way as if we'd always known each other. Then saw him on eBay and came across his stones called Agape Crystal TM. Which are the same as the stones called Super Seven Crystal or Melody's Stone.. anyway he was the first to name them and she cut him by claiming them. This man from Crystalseen ( has beautiful energy it radiates from his messages written. What I realized is that he too bathes his crystals in waters from their natural springs in Arkansas, just as I do mine in the waters of the Vortex which cleanses and empowers all on this property. The connection comes from the stone which is connected in the earth as one and the ethereal grid via the Higher Self of Mother having moved to South America where the stones originate. I am seeing now how Mothers kundalini rising has just settled itself fully and this is why I'm again speaking of as the result is finally showing itself in physical on eBay with the Chinese in the economic power position in the world.This is a WOW moment to actually view at the happening the, where and how, the energy connects that brought this crystal man and myself together in physical...Harmony and Love it's beautiful, as all this has been a result of seeing China turning the American economy of mom&pop sellers upside down and being able to accept it as part of the balancing of the Polarities of the new energy continuum in this reality. My response ....
Woopie Namaste!

P.S check out the book Serpent of Light Beyond 2012 by Drunvalo Melchizedek for more on the movement of Earth's Kundalini Rising

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