Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WEST AND EAST are Finding The Balance Point

Hopefully not to many were too taken back from my last blog. Truth is I was!
even though warned many years ago about how things would change at this juncture of space-time, I still could not really imagine how it would come about. There is just so much going on at the same time right now that even when you see it happening and make the connection it's sort of in disbelief...But it's true, it is under way as I type. What I'm speaking of is what we called the SHIFT. We generally think of it as a spiritual thing where all of consciousness is uplifting it's vibration (evolving closer toward enlightenment) which it is, but what we sort of tend to close our mind to is how this SHIFT will effect us in the physical to bring this consciousness transformation into being. It's way more than just loving all as equal or way more than loving the planet and going green. It way more than the rumblings and quakes of Mother Earth creating physical change and it's way more than the political and social upheaval going on with Occupy and the like. The big thing The REALLY BIG THING is how at the time we humans are awakening and raising our Kundalini our planet Mother Earth is doing the very same thing. This energy of her evolution works hand in hand with our energy as we create these changes. The big word spirit gave to me back in the early 80 and kept reminding me of was: All would SHIFT. All would move to a center point of balance in unison. And in many instances this meant a total reversal to complete the shift. It was shown to me with the sea-saw effect and how to find balance we must have both ends of the extreme carry the same Energy weight,,,This what the whole "Polarity" thing of our world is. It's like a balance scales, teetering one way then the other till if comes to rest in the center point of balance,,, but this isn't just in the energetic sense, as the energy is the matter and the physical matter is the energy manifested when it slows in frequency.

Now what this means is that as humans visibly change on the outside and as we view the lifestyles transforming it has also occurred in the energy. And with this it means that since all energy is of the same field ~ hand in hand Mother Earth is doing this with us. As her energy transforms she changes.. If she hits energy blocks in her body created by outer sources then she has an earthquake just like we humans may stumble and stub a toe that causes an ulcer higher in our limbs. She may get her energy all in a tither and have a hurricane or try to release the block in a volcano like we do skin eruptions. All is one field of energy and each expresses the ebb and flow of the frequency within in it's own way.

Now one other thing the REALLY BIG THING is the energy that centered around the world carried a huge Polarity difference between East and West...The East was the Spiritual Center with Buddhist and the beginning of Christianity etc. and the West was the Power Center and the beginning of industrialization a dream other countries eventually desired to aspire to...This needed balance. That balance has been forthcoming a long long time. It will continue until the Polarity energy finds a balance. This means that 3rd world countries will industrialize and become more Powerful, and the Economic Powers will settle back into less affluence (the East and West will make this transformation Economically and Spiritually creating balance by merging their extremely different energies. It is happening,we all see it if we look. The East/ Asia now controls the manufacturing of most world goods, and the West/N&S America are becoming more Spiritually inclined. Many of us watched and hear Mother Earth as she spoke about her kundalini rising this took place across the world till her Higher Self Chakra move from Tibet to South America in the Andes Mountains of Chili.

So as frustrated as I've been over getting involved in this outer world (eBay) to see this occurring with the Chinese putting American and European sellers out of business, it is the natural course of things as Mother Earths kundalini has risen and the Serpent of Light energy crossed the great divide of the oceans to create a new world with a new economic power center and a new Spiritual Center where our higher teachings will emanate from. I've been watching this finalization come to settle as the light rose from the belly of Mother into the outer expression all this month. If you want a good book providing more understanding Drunvalo Melchizedek wrote about getting this movement's been occurring along time since apx. the Deli Lama left Tibet 1946 to 2012 and the Serpent is alive and flourishing.

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