Friday, June 22, 2012

Proof in the Pudding

Remember how I've said over and over Lunar Eclipses are endings and Solar Eclipse new beginnings. And how many astrologist also said the eclipses in May were really really powerful, and I said they would be even more powerful for me cause I'm Taurus and it was right on my Sun degree.
OK here it is!
It's effecting everyone of us! Me first and more
direct as I knew it would in my personal life.
~~proof of the Ending ~~

not too sure of the new beginning yet!
I've been an On Line seller since 1998 nearly 15 years..
1/2 of a 30 yr old life
1/3 of those of yours who are 45
A long time. It's over! It ended! A full Chapter in my 70 years.
The bottom dropped out for Every On Line Seller not just me.

##Google just dropped eBay and all other sale sites or web sitesby no longer including them in the common GOOGLE SEARCH. IT has dropped the bottom out of eBay, Bonanza Etsy and other sites as well as private web sites, cause they will get no exposure except on the site they are on...they are not included in the World Wide Google Search which is now Google Shopping. Basically without being part of Google Shopping you will get no exposure and small business can't afford the per click fee Google is charging.

##This effects the Buying Public too, as they are not informed as to all that is available, only what is on the Google paid sites. All those words we applied to our Web sites are for naught if we are selling. All the sales and auction exposure is now only on the site your using.

##to top it the Chinese have all the manufacturing contracts.... With cheap labor, toxic components and total disregard for what other countries demand from their own manufactures, China is permitted to produce and selling the same products for less cause they don't adhere to the same stipulations. In the process killing our pets, choking our babies and poisoning us. While with our more costly US$ or Euro we are rapidly becoming the 3rd world nations, forced to live under their Communist domination. Wonder who the real Illuminati may be?? I'm closing my eyes to all this, but watching very closely what is being purchased and it's components so as to provide me with the safest healthiest life style during use.

My life as known has ended...and there are new formats being laid out from the universe. What I must remember is to not apply any energy of thought to what I do not want,,,,only to what I desires. It's already turned up some truly neat challenges and ventures to keep me busy. (it has been a work in progress over these past few months) The trick is to
"see Endings as Opportunities for new
Beginnings down this impermanent path of life which is constantly in the state of expansion for us to find it's joy."

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