Monday, June 18, 2012


Oh Boy ~~ spent past week learning on line. Learned a lot I'm not pleased with............So Listen Up Guys...
First I've seen probably 60% of the sellers on line are drop shippers not retailers.They are typist setting up sites that collect fees for sending order to wholesalers. They never see the items. It's worse than buying new products in stores where they tell you don't return to the dealer, but to the manufacture. These people never even see the items. Our world has become something we are totally unaware of.!!!!

Internet sales will be the future I said this the other day when they opened up of new domains to serve all the new on line businesses (drop shippers). The seller will only be that guy who sets up a sit for orders and gets paid a % from some guy in China running a factory warehouse. If you hit a rare US warehoused item be assured it's the middle man btn you and China. Also most of those sites will be set up from people outside the US cause were still busy fighting to find those jobs that no longer exist. All this sounds great but who the hell here in the U.S. wants to live with China's crappy standards. Sorry true is true. It was said spiritually that at the time of this Shift the world would come into an equality balance when the east and west will share an economic equality. This, we here in the USA, saw as meaning Asia and 3rd world countries would move into our higher - safer standard of better living, but the opposite happened. They have taken us over and we are having their lower standard of living shoved down our throat. You saw it with pet foods, baby toys, boxed foods; you saw it in clothing and shoes that are to skimpy to fit and don't last. Now in the produce dept of your grocery. Next it will be our medications.

You know those Egyptian sheets I bought, They Aren't, and the elastic doesn't keep them fitted, they are different ~ Walmart quality which is cheap s%$t that doesn't last. They make Cannon look like luxury linens.. sorry dear sweet Alice C. I'll give you another one of those kisses that always made you smile, but they were never luxury. Not just this, in searching there are sites with hundreds of $3,000+ cameras and every model possible Iphone Ipad and TV ~they are drop shippers. There aren't that many people with stores that can afford that much inventory.These aren't retailers, they are on line drop shippers, collecting fees for selling stuff they've probably never seen. Now I have no qualms with this, and certainly not in sharing the equality or wealth, but I do object to the idea that CHINA yes China owns us now and is dragging us down to their poorer standards of living.

There were lots of people saying I won't buy it, I'll only buy made in USA ..fat chance.. not if you need a phone a TV a Computer any orthe necessities. They have the market cornered to where the American was put out of business. We are forced to buy their Dog/Cat food, Veggies Fruit all from China now.. We pay $50 for 40lbs of US Made Dog food for Kody so he doesn't die of liver problems.They may as well own the web cause Americans can't compete with their prices. The profit the store owner once received to cover overhead is now going to some guy in China. Ya we put the store owner out of business and buying on line cause it's cheaper than the stores that remain, and we're still paying more for the items and have less income to pay for them with. Eventually there will be only a hand full of brick and mortar stores, hanging in starving themselves over resistance to let go. Worse is they sell what you and I would go to jail for...S80 silver as .925 ~ Excuse me, they stamp it .925 it isn't,,,it doesn't look smell or feel it, and this is Precious Metal sold under Federal Law and Internationally regulated... and our government is allowing it!

I'm still for our world finding it's balance point of equality, but we here in the US must strive to tilt that balance to the higher quality we fought for, rather than quietly accepting the crap being force on us with our governments knowing. We fought for our pets right to not be poisoned better speak up or your children will be next.

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