Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vast Expansion of the Internet Today

Today is 6/13 the day they announce the various new domain protocols beyond the .com .net .org .gov we know. Many things have been suggested like .sport .news I'm sure eventually it will go to .shop cause I know Google has already begun changing there programing to fit the occasion of this over crowed web. I use to sell not just on eBay but Bonanza too who used Google search to get more visibility. Google dumped them and you'll have to pay to in some way be part of the search as Google will have a sales site of their own??? (don't know the details) So it's expansion every whichway you can imagine also means that many who have been unable to get web addy's will now have them and we will do that much more via the web instead of in physical. This is getting real interesting as I see us shopping even for our food orders on line and having them delivered. (daughter mentioned this being established and soon coming to our area) It will free up physical commercial building space for living space for our over populated world.

When we say web we think of our computers, but it is far more. It is actually the same unseen thing as the levels or radio bands we've all known for so long and phones. The phone and radio bands and higher frequency web bands are that bandwidth they speak of us needed enough of for our computers. We need it also for Radio, TV, Phone, Ship to Shore, Planes and all these new IPads and Handheld Devices too. It appears as the human inner frequency expands we see the devices being invented that require expanded frequency or size in the bandwidth too with is all part of the energy frequencies that all things vibrate at.

My point here - this is a good way for
us to begin to visualize how all is vibrational frequency as we seem to be able to understand the unseen vision better when it comes to computers, phones, IPads etc. than with our physical human self. Really like this as it is showing what we have been speaking of in how ALL THINGS are construct of energy which is slowed and then reflected into matter...eventually this will help humanity see how they themselves are this vibrating frequency reflected in the physical form, and then how important it is to vibrate the right frequency if you want to be expressed as a certain manifested from....vibrating the wrong
one could turn you not just into an unhappy or unhealthy person but into a radio computer or phone signal instead of a human funny view view of the the day!

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