Friday, June 8, 2012

Eventually you gotta learn something ....

Eventually you gotta learn something ....
Since on eBay nearly 15yrs, I've always gotten caught by their free listing days...Mind you I don't need to go hog wild cause that saving also means there are thousands of other items your competing with for buyers. So it was sort of do what you can thing...But I've decided during this slump in sales for me, I'm going to have listing formats ready to take advantage of free listings...Written up listings for groups of items now and storing them in Notepad... This way it means crlt-c each from notebook and crlt-v to the selling form at the time they offer freebees, and it can be done without thinking as all the preliminary work is done including the typing.

I've sort of hit a bad lull of "O" sales when they had been very good. What is needed is a change of flow so will add some antique type items and work on making more Transformational Jewelry and Hanging Chargers. If they don't sell on eBay they will go to several other on line selling sites then in the fall to Metaphysical Fairs with several friend vendors where they always go like hot cakes. I've also used this time well by taking the About Me page and turning it into a worthwhile information page with the new cycle energy Transformational Stones and with information about how the vortex energy on this property works to clear negativity and power charge items and people. It's replacing the blogs I use to write. Really pleased with this latest use of eBay space cause it's getting the info out to further awaken those that still are of a negative idea the world is going to hell in a hand-basket..

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