Friday, June 8, 2012

Stop Allowing Manupilation of Your Thinking

The human is undergoing a big transformation, even if not aware of it. Few recognize this and insist on continuing down the path which tells them they are victims of fate, victims of the those who project negative control into this world. Now this sort of seems like a closed subject to me until this morning I saw a long list of negative issues in blogs, after last night when son went ape s#%t over news reports about how government is trying to down size soda cans to curtail the amount people consume. Hum really, with all the problems in this world officials need to distract the populous with trying to control their weight and health issues. STUPIDITY if we fall for that! First people well only buy more to get their fill if they want sugar, and it's a non issue cause they want you to get your fill of refined and fake sugars, and government can't totally control food consumption of a thinking society, so how can anyone fall for this excuse to get people emotionally distracted when it is so simply avoided by taking control of your own thought and action instead of falling for the news they create for the media to use as social control.

Like for instance cleansing and detoxing our Pineal Gland so we can all do as intended by becoming visionary beings able to tap into the higher dimensions. This is their fear! This is what this time of new energy bring to us...We need to apply the energy to advantage and not fall for more ways to undo our physical evolution fighting controls. The SHIFT was designed to come at a time when the human race was evolved enough to apply it beneficially by transcending ego to actually heal the suffering, conflict, ill intended control and karma. Thus far those in the know who walk our planet have managed to place negatives on the really import things. Like the proper food to ingest to promote our evolution. Instead they steer societies emotions with rules to control which society concentrates on fighting, and fight things like GMO foods rather than buying Heirloom seed while still available to then grow their own unmodified plants. So the masses ~YOU~, must evolve to were you actually see through this cloud of deception which creates false situations to worry about, and see the real control issues.

Back in the 1940-50's they labeled good things bad and called them Illegal Drugs, like Ayahuasca from the Amazon, which has a profound physical effect on humans to help our bodies make it's own DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) to fully activate our Pineal Gland. Which could of been regulated in products containing minute amounts for daily consumption. Instead they put Fluoride in water and toothpaste to dumb us down, and create a lot of fear around the need it to protect our teeth.In lew of Ayahuasca not being legal and being unable to consume appropriate small productive doses we won't waste energy thinking how to get it. We will instead be getting that sun they tell us is so dangerous for us. Ya that simple! Sunlight is taken in through skin, hair, ears and eyes and we should have at least 30 minutes a day. They claim cataracts are caused by ultra violet light probably not naturally but as a reaction to all the other chemicals they feed us, so we're avoiding it and wearing sunglasses. Then there are those leafy greens like kale. turnip, mustard, bok choy, collard that they simply sort of avoid making popular in our diet by limiting it's production knowing we teach our bodies, IE our taste buds, to like certain things. Instead we've been programed away from the good strong tasting of these food to crave the milder and bad sweets. Along with sun, we need to produce Serotonin while our brain is asleep, which means sleeping in a "totally" dark room, Johnny Carson did society no favor with late night TV in the bed room. We need to be eating foods that help produce it like almonds, bananas, hot peppers, rice, potatoes, black-eye peas.We can help also by not drinking fluoride in water or using toothpaste that contains it. Getting rid of Mercury by eating farm raised fish and removing Mercury fillings. Making sure if we break an Eco Light Bulb we quickly cover our face with a cloth and open doors windows and leave the house till the vapor is gone, we should not inhale. We should avoid drinking Alcohol, Smoking, avoid refined sugars and sweeteners like AspartameK, then instead clean our system of chemicals with Raw Chocolate CACAO in high doses because of the high antioxidant content. ...A big list yes, but those who want to stop control others have created in our world to dumb down society, need take these steps to be in self control so we cleanse our Pineal Gland and help it activate so we can become what we are intended to be. It's time to concern ourselves with the things which help us and not the stuff that stifle our development that are to big to battle......cause it's always one step ahead of us being undercover deception.
Start Using Your Ability to Really Think for Yourself to Advantage.

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