Sunday, June 3, 2012

How It Works

Many years ago I recognized the apple didn't fall far from my mothers tree. I was the same in desire to make an impression on become a joke for the kids to ask "Who's coming?" when I cleaned on weekends. The joke of course was on me cause that was the only reason I did that when the family was home. Cleaning was my job done when they were off doing their job of work and school. Apparently that hasn't changed cause this house is a f?$5!~# pig sty ~ NO worse ~ cause my pig sty's were never this bad. With Oneson home with this leg surgery I just haven't cleaned. Added to it during this time period I've gone back to eBaying, and any eBay seller can tell you there is an eBay Room of no return that no one enters. They can't, they don't dare for fear of getting lost forever. Most people are lucky with doors on the room, not me. This room is right next to kitchen and living room, it's what we once called the Library.....but it's worth your life trying to get to a book from it these days. So today I've got to start some repacking of boxes of stuff that didn't sell that now go to the physical auction house. Added to this there is a huge computerized treadmill and manual rowing machine ( my exercise equipment)/

To all this the living room has been son's bedroom since he broke the leg just above the ankle. His is on third floor which was and is still work for him to travel to. He now works outside some, but must come in every couple hours and put his leg up to get swelling down. We sort of set a time limit for him to go back
to his dungeon with his big TV~ after Hockey Stanley Cup is over. Not so sure I'll push this tho. He and KodyDog are very content there, it's working well for him staying more social with me, social Hell he's down right decent to me anymore. The problem is he's still healing old wounds, many of which this and from past lives ????? Now dang if I can remember what I did to create them in him, but he is still reacting to them with the resentment. My higher self will decide if it is for me to remember, but I'm thinking if I did maybe I could tweek a bit to help complete this healing he needs. Now it was with purpose I put certain members of the mineral kingdom in the living room. Selenite Namely...Selenite has the ability to draw to the surface that which has become our blocks and limitations. Then it helps promote our releasing them, making room for new energy and a complete healing of past events and past lives. I never actually thought this through when he took residence in the living room, but several big Selenite had been placed there with purpose earlier before this occurred.

Several days ago a big bag of Selenite Chard's arrived, had no idea why I bought it, Spirit directed me to. After the fact I realize I am to wire wrap them as jewelry pieces for eBay. Why cause Spirit says Everyone Needs it in their life at this time. They need it so they can purify themselves of old outdated energy in cellular memory that is holding them back from releasing to make room for replacement of new paradigm energy for their ascension. Many will never buy a stone to work with or place one in their most used room, but they will buy jewelry items. I've known Selenite's value with myself, and have now been shown with another. Watching the transformation of son has been amazing (something we seldom get to see up this close). So if spirit says Everyone Needs One I'm in process of making one for everyone, putting them on the web for sale knowing if they are doing their process of evolutionary enlightenment to ascend their frequency they will be drawn to the right piece to work with. I listed a few, at realistic prices. They aren't give away as it covers free shipping and the cost findings and Selenite, and maybe a tad for my time. Now I further know why I was drawn to buy some silver chains in bulk.. If the don't sell it ok cause I'm doing this in the living room while son is watching TV and the friction of movement activates the Selenite energy even more.....we can both use it's assistance. I share this with you so you can better understand how Higher Consciousness Spirit works in our lives when we allow.

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