Saturday, June 2, 2012

We Cry When We Should Laugh

Millions of people read Astrology Reports in magazines and newspapers...Their inner intellect says this stuff has to work but then it doesn't...Why? cause those silly little reports are for the Sun Sign alone, and each of us is way more than our sun. If it hits right it's cause the other planets are appropriately aspecting the sun sign to enhance it's character. Right now we are all awaiting a super event....Venus crossing between Earth and the Sun, in the same vicinity of time there is another Eclipse ~ Now trust me here this is powerful..everyone needs take notice. This Venus event only happens every 26,000 years....(dose that ring a bell with you ~ like Mayan Calendar bells) Then with Eclipses mean ENDINGS this is where so many came up with this silly idea the world was going to end. It's not ending the energy frequency we have always known is as there is new energy moving in.....There are and will be rough times for all of us in whatever house area this hits and the planets aspecting the events. Regardless eclipses are always rough with endings of some type, these current ones more so, but we will get through them.

I'm seeing many pass right now(endings)'s a good time to do it and the soul knows this. Good for many higher spiritual reasons, but also good cause if your older and have not done your work to enlighten with new paradigm concepts and raised frequency your not going to make it cause your energy will find no point of harmony with the new energy vibrations. These people carry an aura sound like heavy metal to me with it's incompatible clashing banging tones. This isn't a bad thing ~ it's simply these beings incarnated to do a certain job at a certain time and the structure of their matter was not designed to raise beyond a certain level and that level can only exist in the old cycle frequency of the Piscean Age. They simply will go on to greener pastures to possibly reincarnate with an energy which can be sustained in this new Aquarian Era.

Now I'm saying this cause last week a neighbor of 79 passed. There are two more neighbors in their late 80's ready to pass. There are two closer friends both 82 which have been fighting it for years now going through new bouts which may take them. Our friend Sea here on M is on her way east to visit her father in hospital who knows he is dying. ENDINGS ~~~ they are not bad. They are only bad for those loved ones left behind, bad for those who refuse to accept this life as the game we make up and play as we go, and where we go after being the real LIFE>
~We need to learn to celebrate those completing this phase of their game so they can return to the Real LIFE beyond this>>>>

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