Saturday, July 7, 2012

103degrees of Joyful Abundance

Every day just gets better with more beauty to it.
This one
began by coming across the blog from friend Kathy about
Birth2012, it's a beautiful idea bringing into our space how others are creating this new Earth and giving those who think they have nothing special to offer a way to find themselves on their walk through transformation. Our weather is ~ well you know ~HOT~ cause yours probably is the same. Called my friend with no car to see if she wanted to go to the store before we hit 103 degrees, 8am it was so humid you could hardly breath. Son had already left for his woopie big 3rd day of work since Jan. It's a short day he claimed putting up rain gutters, yesterday it was doing a metal roof ~ in this heat, he was beat but had 4hrs work with animals due to heat when he got home. His leg was a killer, but this a.m. it felt fantastically healed according to him? Blessing for sure..
I digress.
On way to store stopped at P.O. as I'd mentioned in Notes the new ink cartridge which was a refill was refused by my printer, so back to the snails way of paying to ship sales out via the Post Office, they handed me my mail to avoid the stop at my rural box. With it was a small package ~ I knew it was Healing Stones ordered. There was the $30 chain of Melody Super Seven beads and ten extra, plus 5 strands of small stone beads probably about 50 each in two different Jasper's, Quarts, Agate, Lepidolite from Freebie who works with the seller. Now this isn't just a surprise and a generous one, it's a clear indication of how when we are in the frequency of our passion things just work to perfection. Freebie obviously checked my sale site and sensed how I was selling these hand made Healing Stone items for cost so everyone could have them to expand awareness at this time. Not only is it beautiful this should be recognized, but that another would join the cause. Messages from my unseen teachers have been very strong that everyone should have these and therefore they are really being gifted as all I'm asking is to break even on the cost and giving my time free as it's my pleasure. At the same time selling other things which are no longer needed, the whole venture is adding the appropriate funds for me to function in this new energy and acquire that which I need to do it...all in all creating that self sustainable lifestyle we are moving into................

This is the true view of Abundance as it was intended... cause I really could not ask for anything more than what the universe is granting me.

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