Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is It Thought Projection or Physic Attack

It's really funny how energy works...This morning the big ad on my eBay page was SELL TO SHOP GUILT-Free...Well guess where that idea began ended up back selling on the web to be rid of that which no longer serves me and make room for the new to function within my new frequency lifestyle. It's a project I'm putting all my effort into. Then about two months ago eBay started using the saying Infinite Possibilities, guess who called their sit on blog and on eBay INFINITE POSSIBILITIES before they ever coined the phrase. No I'm not egotistical enough to think they or anyone else is actually copying me, but it is clear evidence how thought travels when it's put out their strongly, and my application of thought is very strong on this. It's not just something I thought, but both are what I've blogged about many times and thus in my energy repeatedly, and everyday I see the name in front of me when I pop on to Multiply Blogger Bonanza etsy or eBay. My thought projection is very strong and always has been. For this reason over the years I've learned to shut down or shield my thought from others, because one should not try to influence others with this that physic mind control.. Even with the idea of awakening to what is going on in the world at 2012, each person has their own will and should not be coerced with physic mind implants to influence them..Not that I don't think everyone would benefit from the awareness, but it should be of freewill.

When we strongly believe something it's normal to want everyone else to benefit from it. After all we wouldn't believe it if we didn't feel it was right. I learned early how my strong beliefs of many lifetimes influenced others and put a control on that. It was something I worked on when the children were young cause my desire was for them to develop beyond me with their own free thinking. Then when I was in that 12yr relationship it was seen how this guy was aware how he could control others with his thought. Tactfully he was informed not to ever try it on me, he did and regretted it as it bounced back at him. Worse yet I use to watch him do this with customers. It's odd how quickly you can dislike someone you love! Thus I spent 12yrs on guard especially during sleep time. Fortunately my guides have very loud voices and clued me in when this was happening. Eventually I left my bed and bedroom and took up residence in the guest room to protect myself. Physic attack ~ Not Nice, evil in truth, and most people don't realize how often they project it or encounter it from others. I've noticed my son does this in a much lesser manner, on some level he is aware of it much less consciously, but it's still what it is and a way those who lack self control attempt to gain it in their life.

Something everyone should be aware of...Not that others are out to get you, or at least do they think of it that way, it's more out to be in control. Most time they themselves are not even aware of the force with which they project their desires ~~ which accumulate strength when backed with fear such as a need to be in control of something especially if they do not have it over themselves. With me it's not a fear, but a very prominent desire to transform my life to harmonize with the new energy, so any thought dealing with this is very strongly projected. Just 'Shows to Go You' physic attack really is just all about the energy .

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