Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Working to Pry The Sticky Crumbs Loose

Sure is interesting being a part of a new life cycle.
Things are good now, running smoothly so when they
began to go askew again I noticed it was written in the stars ~ya literally. The cosmic transits said we would be revisiting old issues, each of us according to certain houses in our natal chat where current transits were aspect ed. For me it was son drinking his first since Jan. and the leg surgery, just enough to be obnoxious. Tenants girlfriend who rubs you as she has a way of smothering you with her presence (it's not me ~ tenant himself lied to her last week telling her he was working when he was on vacation~he just needed to breath) Small past issues of old paradigm energy have
been washing up on my peaceful shore. The other day a gal posted a lovely high energy stone as being of the New World Order. We should all know of it's evil intent to control and how Obama has stressed it's wonderful attributes..(Ya for who?) Blogged about it, then chose to removed the blog, best way realizing my thinking about this was still old paradigm. It brought up anger and old issues of those who want not only to control us but our population numbers, those acting like gods. The old issues were referred to as crumbs we find under the table after we've finish cleaning up the floor and put the mop away. In the moment I felt I was dealing properly with this, but found these sticky and would not leave. Which caused me to realize if we continue to deal in the old way with rebelling we will never get the crumbs unstuck. That was old energy and in this new energy of compassion and unconditional we must show love in our effort to rid the world of the Illuminati or the New World Order. The gal was right we needed to transform the masses perception of what NWO is, and we do this by thinking it what we desire it to be since it seems we can't stop it's movement.
"that is old vibration is off key in this new energy."
and we must
find the vibrational tone that creates harmony peace from love.

Ok ~getting back to working at prying up those sticky crumbs of old thinking, which stick out like boulders under the table with the the clean floor of this new cycle. I had to get back to the thinking Archangel Michael taught me..That cunning crafty way of love that always won the battle. The girl was right you fight fire with fire. You hit it head on with a backfire to burn the oxygen up and the fire goes out, this is that angelic battle. The one Mother Teresa taught us by 'not marching against war but for for peace'. You concentrate your thought energy on what you desire to create not what you wish to be rid of.

Thus, the girls referring to this beautiful stone as the stone of the New World Order was a Michael concept. It is exactly what we must do and this new energy now makes it more possible that ever as we manifest instantly the vibration of thought from our heart. We think love peace and compassion as the NWO program, and that thought becomes manifest in this new frequency cycle of 2012 and beyond..this is how you defeat the enemy with LOVE

PS and I love the picture with AAM holding up the necklace of stone.

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