Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Blurp You May Be Interested In

Just wrote this to place in the Me on eBay...Maybe some of you will be interested in the content.

Choosing Crystal Jewelry With Knowing
There are many reasons for wearing crystal stones, choose them with intuition the same way you choose other crystals, not for beauty for energy and properties they radiate to work with your intention. Faceted, polished or tumbled stone radiates a softer more rounded energy field than a fully natural raw stone. A stone cutter can release a stones fullest potential or completely dissipate it. Crystal jewelry is generally worn over the energy meridians and near chakra points, this increases energy flow in a particular area. However, even small crystals will radiate a field at least three feet, energizing or healing the body as a whole, they are more powerful near the point warn. Crystal jewelry should be worn with conscious application of the energy it emits and how it will effect our body, they are more than adornments.

Earrings=work with the third eye and crown chakra, open the intuitive and psychic centers. They also work with the physical areas of the head. Worn just on the left side they take energy in and on the right side radiated it outward. You can work to balance the two sides of the brain to work together. Worn on both sides the energy follows the flow of universal energy through the entire body being stronger nearest where they are warn.

Rings= open meridians, the internet has many sites showing the different energy points of each finger.

Bracelets=work to channel energy in and out of arms and hands. If waring a
terminated stone on the left point goes in toward the body, on the right it points out away from the body which is the natural flow and should not be disturbed as this is how the magnetics in our body also flow. Same with ears, legs and feet.

Pendants=can be worn at the throat center or hang over the heart chakra. Those
worn over the heart work with the circulatory system and heart brain cells creating overall balance and stability. Here energy also flows faster to upper chakras and our spiritual centers.

Headband=stone should be placed over the Third Eye.

Anklets=are worn to help you ground and open meridians and chakra at the bottom of your feet.

Toe Ring= act with the meridians and again these are posted on the internet.

Dorjes=are similar to wands which only direct energy one way, but a Dorje has crystals pointing opposite directions. These must be equal in strength and size.They represent the spine and help in kundalini rising. They help unblock, as well as amplify.

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