Friday, July 20, 2012

Help Your Aura It's Bleeding Energy

We had an X flair hit the planet July 14. A bombardment of magnetic waves and ionic energy hitting the planet all at once. Not everyone is aware of them and most don't even associate their present state of being with them, but they cause all kinds of physical discomfort from sleeplessness to headaches and sick stomachs, even feelings of depression and that weight of a ten ton elephant on us. What most don't do is associate these feelings with Solar Flairs, what they don't know is this can be extremely detrimental to the human aura. (Well not just human, but all auric fields) The aura is a field of energy extending from inside~out, it radiates outside our body in an ovid shape like an egg. It's completely understood in physics that CME's disrupt the magnetosphere and electrical systems. The aura is our megnetic electrical energy system which can also be harmed by sustaining fractures. This leads to more sleeplessness, fatigue, depression and disease cause these fractures bleed energy.

The good thing is CME's do offer energy filled with photon light carrying information of consciousness. The trick is to take the good and offset the bad, by setting intention to allow this energy to flow through us and not be blocked so it batters our aura causing fractures.
**You can first keep a check on Solar Flair activity on the web through in the know then take action to not be outside during the time they hit the planet. They hit us less directly inside buildings as energy sort of reacts like sun light giving us a burn when in it direct and just light when not.
**Second set your intention to allow this to flow through you to your greater good opening and raising consciousness. Your heart intention controls how your physical body reacts.
**Third if you feel ill seek help from energy healers to help heal your fractured auric field. You can do much of your own energy healing with crystal layouts during meditation time.You can also carry stones which radiate healing abilities for the auric field and those with absorb EMF's such as Sungite which must be cleans daily..(I use it with Selenite a self cleaner and empower so it's always being cleansed and recharged - but a bath under running water doesn't hurt a few times a week BUT not the Selenite it won't take water). Selenite also helps release blocks so you raise your frequency to higher levels so you can handle more of these CME's naturally with less damage..(This Shift is spiritual and physical and we must work on both aspects of it) The higher your resonance the easier they are on you emotionally creating less stress effecting the physical.

We just had a powerful X Class CME, which is even more powerful considering the transits of Pluto Uranus and the Rx's which were already pressuring our physical via the emotional stress. Time to take action and start working with other earth occupants offered
by mother to help us through these times.

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