Saturday, July 21, 2012

World's Gone Crazy In A New Ocative Vibration

Last night whet to bed having listened~commenting on that happening in Colorado cause son insisted on listening to it again. Then this morning woke to a friend in blog telling shes slowly regaining footing after some horrendous family events that are still occurring effecting her an she's miles away and not involved in it but being accused of it. A couple days ago after 2mo. of leaving answer machine messages and looking in the store window, found out the health food lady just Closed the Store ~ no notice, one day to the next owing me money. Could go on and on and on.
This the time we've been talking of!
This is the time I've spoken of in channeled messages!
This is the end times in movies!
This is the end of the Mayan Calendar!
Sadly people still don't get it, and if they did they are so wrapped up in life's turmoil they forget to take a breath stand back to see this is that time of the Shift in Consciousness they knew was coming. If you listened and were doing your work on self, it is still hard, but you will be in a place where you can apply all that you learned and you will get through this vibrational change cause you'll have a good idea how to vibrate in harmony with it.

Consciousness is Energy, and the energy frequency was predicted to shift at this time ~ it's the changing from one Astrological Age to another and the energy frequency is totally different. My spiritual channel use to call it an Octave Change, it's like a change from one Octave to the next. The notes are the same but vibrating on a higher Octave frame of the scale. Till your ready to accept this as what it actually is (a shift of vibration transforming consciousness)you'll be out of tune with life's symphony. Your going to be living a Hell....yes your own Armageddon. All that stuff about End Times, Ascension, Armageddon, it is here this is it! and as we are seeing all those terms apply, but they were actually metaphoric. People attached their belief systems to them and then saw them as something particular to their own life. Thus it will be the End Times for those who resist and think protecting themselves against it behind closed doors with food stock will save them. Those who think they are the chosen cause of their belief systems (religion) will miss the Ascension cause we all get to choose it as part of the One, how it effects us is according to our acceptance of all being One and Equal. We only ascend in resonance if we worked at raising our consciousness to realize we are all One acting individually which effect the whole and then willing live this as our daily concept. And those who insist on battling governments, controllers, economy's and the wrong doers, will live the Hell of their wars cause this is a new energy where wars are fought not with aggression or rebellion, but with passive aggressive LOVE creating from our desire of the hearts inner vibration.

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