Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bit About Home Life

Things are really pretty dead around insult to the few that are left, it's just we are few and there are few responses. But guess this is whats meant to be as I've made some wonderful new connection on eBay with several customers and a couple sellers. All like minded and it's become a shared learning experience of the new energy format for all of us, which I know is how spirit planned it cause when one door closes another opens. Anyway I've been wanting to share here some of my personal life in photos. Son has become the soul I always knew him to be. His relationship with Wild Ones is lovely, they all appear to think of him as their protector or Daddy he is the Pide Piper. The garden also shows the love with which he tends it. In spite of horrid weather conditions it's growing flowering and fruiting. Life is about the vibration of energy and the way ours merges with that surrounding us as the outer world is a reflection of that energy from within us and son certainly shows where his vibrational frequency is. He poopoo's the path I walk yet he carries the same mind set..Odd but it's another way spirit is showing we are all ONE but different aspect of it at the same Octave level. So far we've had a few meals of Chard and their is a tomato about to be picked. Peppers are small? and the squash behind the tomato are loaded and going to town so had to be pruned. Tonight we get squash. His potatoes are doing good. I'm sorry now I put no root veggies in but it was so wet at first. Then too dry and hot we even had to shade some of the plants during that heat.Then there is my little trial at container gardening. Lettuce and herbs doing great in the shallow long containers. (will get some bigger ones son has peach and apple trees started in what I had) The tomato are loaded and there is even a cucumber climbing the wire divider the bare spot is done snow peas which were sort of a waste. pepper again isn't>? just not a yr for them I guess. but it's so far been a good trial run and next year I will expand containers with the idea we have no idea what weather conditions will bring and this is a better way of having some control over it at least for summer meals if not for larger winter food storage. I'll give it more space to the right as a barrier to the driving lane and maybe some day actually get to uncover those chairs and sit for a meal it's either too wet or to hot to be outside as a trial I only did three tomatoes, two peppers and a cucumber in with an avocado tree, lettuce herbs the peas gave us a few only, but then they were drowned out as was lettuce several times. I'll forget the Morning Glory which rob the veggies of space and didn't add that much in show with veggie leaf covering most of them.The bare center spot is today a huge cucumber. Next year ill try some sweet potatoes and squash too. These photos were take nearly two weeks ago so all has expanded since. Since son also got a ton of large pots free so I'll have enough where this year I was skimping but it was after all only a trial I didn't want to spend money on pots. The photos are of baby's a couple of weeks ago some are now loosing spots. These are Gimpy's real fawns she stopped borrowing others to appease us.
The other photos of son and KodyDog and the buck running to him for dinner. He is a three year old buck to his left you can see antlers in velvet..They and he are small?? he is a sweet thing and thinks he is one of sons horses..He calls him PorkChop ?? he was born here and keeps coming as a pet. He now sleeps next to the horse barn. In the far background of the photo with KodyDog you can see one of the huge trees we lost in that rough winter there are so many, still needs to be cut was a huge Pine that has finally lost needles and will be cut when the sap isn't as moist. The red barrels are what we used over the spring for rain barrels but with a dry spell we move them Really should have a collection unite to be done right they are just enough in emergency to get us through with horses for a week. The horses are both 25+yrs old sons only children. The one closest he bought at 7days old..He's a non colored Appaloosa of good breading shame no color no registration regardless of parents, and the other is a mare he had bought for his wife Quarter Horse and she gave back as she had her own few to support..
Since it's cool today I'm off to tend my container plants which are far larger now than in photos, and son is working (it's Sunday but the only day of work this week) Enjoy whats left of the week end. We are cool with intermittent sun so a glorious day and all the doors and windows are open, but it promises to be in 90's later.

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