Friday, July 27, 2012

Crystal Rituals While the Cats Away

After even a small thunder storm like yesterday there is always lots of clean up. My first thought today was to go do needed energy work on the Transmutation Pond son has on his own chosen to take over physical cleaning of. He is off on a job for two days so with cat away the mouse will play and not have him think I've interfered. However, as I went out the door his baby ~ PorkChop 3yr old buck who gets more robust every day greeted me looking for breakfast. This was a good opportunity to let him know the back door next to my container garden is not where he should be looking for meals. Bucks truly are shy or more in truth skittish knowing they become pray, so it's odd Choppie should be so trusting. We talked a bit as I picked up about 200 Walnuts that the storm spread over the lane. These smush under our car tires and seep brown stain which gets tracked on to light color carpet if you step on one. They aren't ripe yet so no good. Then went to the pond and did ritual setting up Quartz Crystals at the four directions to empower the Granite rocks it's topped with and it's water source. Crystals will be removed tomorrow before son returns. Granite and Quartz are cousins so this works fast. You see when one doesn't believe in something they tend to place that negative thought with it and that does not serve to it's advantage. My intention is to empower the ponds purpose again to draw to it and transmute all negative/dense energy under the vortex dome area, once activated it will be self generating with some help from a few angels I know, and occasional crystal enhancement. With son working in the pond the crystals can not remain in place as he'd very likely would find them in his way.

Spirit directed which crystals to use..3 were double points and one
a single. I was taken right to each and gathered them up with out looking so didn't know this until I was headed out the door. The twin terminations represent Yin/Yang energy of this Polarity Reality. The single was used with a Shamanic High Vibration stone AJOITE,SHATTUCKITE,PAPAGOITE, CUPERITE combination all in one which clears the soul of past life density and negative memory; and a LABRADORITE promoting release of negativity and enhancing perseverance clarity and intuition during times of conflict and change. It helps regulate metabolism and the digestive process too. All of which the entity of the Transmutation Pond needs to be in total wholeness. Opposite these stones and the single terminated Quartz is the largest Quartz Crystal Twin at the falls. No sooner had this ritual of prayer and empowerment been accomplished and the whole area lit up with sun and the fish
began jumping...Evidence of energy work is always such joy!

The pictured Wand is new it has been cleared and charge on my huge crystal multi-generator, go it for a steal usually they go like wild fire for twice as much. It has stones representing each chakra joined by silver the female Mother energy and the end termination is a gift of a Phantom Quartz Crystal...Now I had no idea how powerful this wand was going to be when purchased as it was on eBay. Or that the end crystal had a Phantom which is formed as a crystal inside a crystal which looks like a ghost. The phantoms formed millions of years ago and hold great ancient knowledge so had sealed itself within the outer growing around it as protection. They can access Akashic Records which recovers information which with this wand makes it of great value as it works recovering past so it can adjust energy to work appropriately throughout this time by knowing the energy all was formed of. There is also on the inside a clear inner space of the Phantom indicating it is opening it's doors of protection and moving to the surface to be accessed. On the outside there is also a small ancient grooved symbol from the Azez who left much original knowledge for us to find.which contains information that has surfaced and I'm now accessing.
topL burried opening the door ~~ topR outside scored Symbol
btm L whole piece ~~ btm R inner whole Phantom crystal

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