Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Aftermath

**KodyDog almost split himself in half flying through house to get to son when he got home 8pm Sat night. Poor dog he just lives for son and was so down whole two days he was away his ears were back. He's getting another days work today locally. This means a full 5days (a whole week) since Jan18 with his broken leg. It will really help with next load of hay and grain and his food bill.

**Last night finally got a good night sleep, hear many haven't been sleeping well including son and dog. Think it's aftermath of the electromagnetics with those very powerful Sun Flairs. Kept thinking remove magnetic mattress pad~but didn't, last time it created an ill effect during Solar Winds that followed and this time too. It's good for all of us to keep abreast of CME's as they do have a physical effect on us. By knowing, we then are aware of it being them and not some other ailment. We can stay inside and out of their direct path too. They are on the increase during 2013 so might as well learn to deal with them to our healths advantage. I've been making some Shungite Pendants and Space Enhancers to collect EMF's, like Dream Catchers. They are working in the rooms with them (not all have them yet so this was good test that they really do the job).

**This next month will be screwed up, tenant who has been here 16yrs made a job shift change. Worked nights, finally got seniority enough to get days and has hated it the last 2yrs due to the management working day shift. He's worked crazy split shifts all this month and went straight nights again last night. A hard shift for son with watering horses and garden as his shower time conflicts just before dark, and for son doing work around here days and not making any noise to wake him. For me it's house cleaning that has to be crammed in early. His apt. is space designed as garage attached to the renovated barn (always been apt). Noise traveling beams on that end of the house, so I avoid it during his daytime sleep. Takes getting use to again being an off shift to normal daytime life. At least we'll be back on a schedule and KodyDog can rest not wondering about traffic coming up and down the lane odd hours. This is the one bad thing about living so private, you notice and hear every little noise from others.

**Got heavy rain stormes Friday and Saturday, grass and garden are happy. Was so dry even what we consider weeds growing in the stone lane had withered and died off. That's dry. Hope we get real sun today to maybe burn off this humidity as the rain only added to that. Just sitting the wet pours off you and even with central air things are wet. The Rock Salt lights are wet, there was a stream of salty water running over my bedroom dresser top form one. Good thing it has a glass top to protect it as salt destroys wood finishes. It's been so bad the barn fan is running night and day for horses. They would not survive in this heat with their age as they aren't use to it either, and they do fight to be in front of the fan.

**eBay is doing horrid, I've joined the ranks with no sales. Fortunately one lady wanted another pendant the same as one she bought so that gave me one ~~ making two last week. They say they are taking on some of the major apparel designers for the holidays.That's sad for Mom&Pop sellers who put eBay where they are today. It really isn't a profitable place for the small seller trying to survive anymore. Sad to think they would cut off those who built them. I'm glad I don't have to depend on those sales for income, and try to buy only from M&P even if I pay a bit more, I'd rather not support foreign sellers or big business outfits, to then help my neighbor pay his mortgage. These uro changes can not be stopped it is after all what we are becoming "One World" but with each country in trouble we are better in this moment looking to help the guy next to us and expand from there. We can better see what is needed by others who are closer to us till things begin to settle ~~~and they will! I'm sort of using eBay as a format for sharing the new energy information anyway, (replacing waning blogs) even though the income was appreciated. Must reset my mind here for abundance ~ what ever that will be as we move further and further into planetary transformation.

**Ordered several new books dealing with Crystals (the world of the Mineral Kingdom). There are several authors who are right on with my expanded thinking, was over joyed to find this, it's rare. Their perception is way ahead of the masses and it's helped me clarify my own path so much more in this moment. So I'm hoping a few here are sincerely interested in learning about the new vibrational concepts that begin with our interaction with the mineral kingdom, cause that's what my blogging will consist of pretty much from here on. This does apply to every ones life more than is recognized, and from there we will whole new beings. The mineral kingdom is the first from which we all derive and share our bio-chemistry with as do animals and plants as we all eat and depend upon the minerals in our soil. Thus we all have a like relationship to the Mineral Kingdom. They are higher vibration beings in their own right. This learning "inner-action" with crystals/stones is a major part of our become expanded psychic and telepathic beings ourselves..... they are our teachers in this...

So this is it for the moment....son off to work again Sunday after oversleeping (didn't give me a time) So I took care of horses and will clean a tad on this side of house before tenant comes in. Then watch NASCAR and Olympics later while working on some new Pendants and such.
Have a Blessed joyful day..............................

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