Monday, July 2, 2012

Latest On Garden and Creatures

Well no real garden yet...the tom's are trying and the pep's too. Swiss Chard we'll have the first for dinner tonight. Other than that it's nothing but lots of green, maybe it will do ok. One thing son has it looking beautiful ~~ he puts me to shame with how neat it looks. If the tops are indication we will be supplying the neighbors with potatoes this year they are the last two rows in mounds and then run the opposite direction in tires back by the wheelbarrow. He's experimenting how they grow best in our soil and with different compost mediums. My container garden is doing tom is going to town with 6 golf size so far...the lettuce is on a second planting as the first is just about had it. I've been dehydrating herbs, what didn't rain rot..the containers are doing much better than the small in ground herb garden.

We have a new pet...she chose her spot ~ excuse me Stall ~ between two barns where Oneson stacks his things to be recycled. You can see the faded blue rubber tarp on top she pushed out of the way. She has a nice cool stall where bugs don't seem to find her, and it's directly across the field from the horse run in so she can keep an eye on her pasture mates...they are funny when they get tame..She's been there about three days now and comes out when she hears son in the feed room..He's put buckets of water for her so she is very happy.

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