Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Running From Men in Little White Jackets

Have you ever heard of Spirit Stones...Well I have and had met some but not so they became my companion ~~~until now.There are thousands of boulders and rocks on this property, we've always said we were Rock Farmers...There are a few here and about that have traits and personality which I've come to know and others also recognize and mention it. Visitors or tenants have come to me with the Do You Know! in sort of amazement. Always pleased I don't think them crazy cause these Stone Spirits also speak to me. However, this is different. My friend who in that other life of mine was the Native Chief, when I was the Spiritual Shamanic Elder gave me a Stone Spirit gift. We are friends with give and take but not really what you'd publicly would call close as our connection is spiritual not social. She's 73 looks late 50's, still walks up and down the mountain trails to town as she doesn't like to drive...she does but it her preference is not to. She reminds me of a mountain woman. Anyway one time on the path she was stopped by a Stone Spirit who put up an energy shield so she would not miss him..He is terrific and very very evolved and aware for a Stone choice this spirit is what he is and wants to learn that aspect of incarnation. So she picked him up and knew instantly he was to be with me. So she held on to him for a bit and then one day gifted me with him. Photo above.

Of course the moment I held him he spoke telling me we were to merge awareness at this time. We were in the car when this occurred, so for safe keeping he was placed in the pocket between the front seats. This was a month ago, and since then the friend and I spent no time together cause she was the one helping friend Grand-pop care for the Grandmother who just transitioned. Now each time I went to get the Stone Spirit something distracted me even if I made it to the car. A couple days ago finally retrieved him, he claimed his gained much from being in the vibration of the car with it's miles of travel, by sensing the energy residual left behind by son, Kodydog and me on these trips. "Interesting" but it gave him a clearer picture of how son and I have transformed ourselves and our relationship.

Right away son recognized him. His energy is wonderful and I'm carrying him everywhere I go so he can connect to the present vibrations as an expanded learning experience. The day I told you about in another blog when I went to the mail box and met the trash man (who is son of the grandparents, this wonderful Stone Spirit was with me. Timing in the moment was worked out by higher self~ so the Stone Spirit could connect all essences of me - my friend - the adopting grandparents and their son. The Stone tells me he needed this knowing of how humans share love and friendship at varying levels of inner-action. Then this can be communicated with the others of stone kingdom who live in the woods and don't become our cherished treasures for healing or wearing.

What can I say I'm 70 and they haven't locked me up yet!

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