Monday, July 30, 2012

Light at the end of the tunnel

Being a very prudent person I seldom buy toys and less seldom play with them. So when urges come over me as they have of late I know there is one of the unseen pushing me from behind, directing me with purpose. Buying healing stones is obvious as they not only get used on me, but on others in need, and often find their way to new keepers. When I begin buying too many books while selling others and Tarot Cards I've got to question it. Books get read and shared and more recently my share library is slowly being sold off on eBay, but Tarot Cards? Like most I've owned a set, but honestly never got into them. So they are about to go Vintage 1975 nearly new. However, they have been replaced by a deck called Shadowscape by my favorite artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, (check her out) bought for their art as much as the scope of their content. For once though I will say I really do have a psychic connection to these cards. I also got another deck called Crystal Ally Cards which comes with a full size book connecting one to the Healing Stones. If I ever questioned the purchase I knew why the moment I began reading the book; it was like reading my own write. The author and I are totally attuned in intellectual and spiritual understand of reality and the Mineral Kingdom. It's rare I'd have been drawn to purchase something I have full understanding of, but I do understand because she has created a physic game of sorts with tarot like cards to help others connect with the consciousness of crystals and in turn our own higher consciousness selves.

Once I began introducing myself to the cards all the events of the past few weeks with new healing stones and the Stone Spirit, changes in my blog site and sharing this through my eBay listings and their community came together. Crystals are here as our teachers. One way they choose to do this is through people like myself who share information on the internet. Just knowing of them as we have done in the past is no longer enough, we are all to now connect to their consciousness telepathically. The Mineral Kingdom is here to show us we are all One and show us how to live connected as one with our own spiritual selves as they do with their physical/spirit. You see humans are the only species in this creation which thinks itself separated from it's spirit. We think of our spirit as something outside ourselves. Other kingdoms such as crystals have always lived connected in thinking as one (physical & spirit). Thus they come to help us reconnect to our truth which well raise our vibration to help us become higher frequency humans as we move into the higher frequency cosmic cycle of this multiverse. Why they are called Crystal Ally Cards~ why I renamed the blog astrology section "Cosmic Crystal Allies" ~ cause I'll be sharing their consciousness here to help others make this reconnection.

(The first emanation out of God/Source or Zero Point is called Tachyon Energy. It is an atomic particle which contains all other forms of energy. This means we are all One, all derived from this Tachyon of Source regardless of the form that energy has manifested in.)

Below is an enlargement of the picture associated with this:
It's called ZODIAC and as you can see depicts the Oneness of all with the Cosmic Zodiac the Animal Plant and Mineral Kingdoms of this physical creation. All kingdoms depend on the Mineral Kingdom for existence as the soil provides the plants that provide animals for the humans...Thus who better to teach us than the consciousness of the kingdom which is with all other kingdoms.


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