Sunday, July 29, 2012

Playing the Tones on the New Frequency Stone Path

Not long ago one of these blogs was about a Stone Spirit. Now I know many not only don't believe this sort of thing, they think I'm a bit bonkers to be thinking stones speak to us. Well sorry but I'm not alone in this and it's a knowing not just a crazy thought. To me non-believers are densely bonkers. You see truth becomes knowing when you get a happening on down the road which confirms your thinking with events. This Stone Spirit came to me for it's evolutionary purpose, and with it has confirmed my knowing again of what most of humanity has forgotten for thousands of years. This knowing that stones are of the same energy field as us is one thing, (All is of this Life Force or Source Field); what's been different most of my life is I hear or "resonate" with their vibration, thus understand what the vibration is communicating. This is far more than the sensation of a stone vibrating when it's held. It's being aware of the consciousness thought coming from the stone which (like us) creates it's manifested state of being from that vibrational frequency. We [all things] are what we believe in our hearts or the atomic structure of our Tachyon Energy particles!

Maybe reading this past blog, if you haven't already, will set the stage showing how I can perceive having been given a qualified knowing that this is a valid truth.
The timing for meeting this Stone Spirit was to the moment perfection. I'd begun making handcrafted Healing Stone items for eBay, and had just redone the top of this blog page with the impression of me U Be Lady ie: aKuna(my essence name) peering through a portal to a new earth cycle with the active Vortex of Infinite Possibilities on the flowing path before me, while my mentor a Opalescent Crystal Spirit stood on the right threshold of this doorway. You can see it at the top of this page as the visual of this story line.

This past week ordered several new books on Healing Crystals trying to get up to date with new crystals having awakened, along with a deck of Tarot type cards called Crystal Ally's. (these are very good and I like this way of telepathically connecting with the
Stone Spirits. Name derives from
crystals being partnered allies with humans in Earth's vibrational frequency ascension. The author of the cards also wrote a book to go with it and as I began reading, it was more like hearing myself speak we are so intellectually attuned. Not only this, the Crystals around me were joining in this read telepathically. Ok no, it wasn't a woowoo moment, my tired son who just returned from his two days work-away was eating a 9pm dinner relaxed in the chair next to me. It was quite a normal event in my life where others are unaware of the conversation, even KodyDog who was intent on his person was unaware of my happening. This author put in her words my knowing of how Stones are beings from the same source field of energy we derive from, they simply choose to manifest a different form. Their biggest difference is in no way physical, but that they unlike us have not separated from their essence selves. They still live completely connected to their higher spirit, unlike we who think of our spiritual selves as something outside of us.

This is the whole point of their being our Allies at this time ~~ to teach us to see the oneness of our physical and spiritual selves; and teach us to merge them in our day to day living as they do.

My friend above is roughly a foot tall and 8 inches diameter much of it's base is under the pellets. IT is many things including an Isis(Goddess), Generator, Transmitter, Receiver with a huge Phantom with barnacles accumulating new knowledge . Mainly it is a Cathedral Quartz which is a cosmic computer called a Light Library which accesses the Akashic Records. These very special beings only open up to us every two thousands years, t aid the evolution of consciousness by raising it to a higher vibration. I am quite blessed that it should of found me in 2004.

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