Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finding what we think we've lost

Ya gotta laugh! Weeks ago I posted about this happening when M was bought out and the new owner moved headquarters south, I warned everyone they would be doing away with the blog....

This action is right on with the Flow of Energy....if you've been reading my blogs I've been posting what was going on with the energy flow of the universe before it happened since 2004 ~ to prepare you.
This is the time of:
"ENDING making room for NEW BEGINNINGS"
it is not the end of the world or the end of time, it's the end of how we will relate to time and the reality we call life, because the vibration of the energy frequency of that part of the universe our solar system is about to spin into will change.That is transforming all in our known existing reality via a different vibrational frequency. It's like moving up the scale to the next higher octave. If you were also reading my posts on Cosmic Energy (Astrology) and or watching the videos I've posted, you "should" have been prepared for this...
The last video all but held you hand to walk up to this announcement board.

Hate to be a "Told You So" but I did...
and that's not patting myself on the back, it's simply the way the Universal Energy Frequency has been moving and I've been trying to tell people about this if they were willing to listen....some say it's psychic knowing, in truth I've a direct line to the spiritual hierarchy of Ascended Masters who constantly converse with me. So call it what you want it's taken seriously by me and I don't play polar games with it as my ego has never needed that boost. The purpose in manifesting as a real person at this time is to help others move through these times by living examples of how the energy effects real human beings. It's why events that I've shared with you have happen in my life ~ so they could be share from the real person angle that real people can relate to. And they happen before the cosmic energy denotes they will as a means to help others prepare.This is an evolutionary transformation of the Entire Energy of The Reality We As Humans Have Known Thus Far. Someone has to usher in this energy on the planet and YOU chose to be here at this time to do it.... Like it or not no matter where your sense of spirituality lays, you came here to do this now at what ever level of consciousness you are vibrating within. It's a transformation of every little portion of the reality (all kingdoms) right down to the grains of sand on the beach which are part of the energetic structure of this reality. Multiply deleting the blog is just one of many Endings making way for new vibrationally frequencies with a whole new expanded New Beginning format. This is a choice each and everyone of you chose to participate in. It does not mean it's the End of anything, just the end of the thing you have known and it will leave room now for expansion to create a whole new means of connecting with each other across the vast divide of the planet.

Trust what I say here.......this is not the first you experienced this.
happened when Y360 ended and we moved to Multiply, an expanded form giving us all way more creativity with our own control panel. It happened to me before this in 2005 when I was on the board of what was called OSC ~Online Spiritual Community. It ended suddenly! way faster than Yahoo of M is ending, and we had to find new formats in which to weave the web of the internet's spiritually minded evolution. You have heard of the Earth Grid surrounding the planet and the Crystalline Grid well the internet is the physical manifestation of those grids which connect the physically manifested part of your essence with all other physically manifested essence. Here we are again with an ending so as to make our divisions of mind set that create a working unite developing more appropriate outcomes. All so we can better groupings for the creative projects we all will be involved in~~ knowingly or unknowing we are creating a new world out of the new vibrational frequency of the multi-verse our solar system is moving through as we pass over the Central Sun of this Universe. This ending creates a new beginning where we choose to work with others of a particular mind set closer to our own then what other may hold. It's not a separation as such, it's an effort for more unification with like we can be more directed in our efforts of what we choose to create.
Like it or not your playfulness of blogging is really the serious business of like minds creating a new frequency reality.

So Welcome to the New Frequency Multi-verse my friends!!!!

Stay in touch and we will find our right fit with a new blog home
Sharon / Crone aka aKuna Kumara

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