Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mercury Direct

wow what a week...hope you don't feel as drained as I do. This thing with M closing kept us all going without warning. We found a new home, one many really feel good about right off the bat. It's not perfect but we are making it home and that becomes our own personal kind of perfection. On the 8th mercury turned direct and Blogster showed up. In retrograde we had delays...for me it was lack of online sales and other small things. Jokingly I told KodyDog he had to tell people to buy cause it made Grammy exercise up the lane to the mailbox and without it she'd get fat. By late day the 9th I'd had enough exercise both days filling both sons and my rural mail boxes with packages to pick up...

On top of this I'd bought a $57 including postage, 5 inch Selenite Sphere..Beautiful piece that normally would go for $100/150 or more. They say if it seems to good to be true. It is. It was. Arrived broken and horridly under packed for it's 6lbs weight. Ok I'm psychic when it counts. Seller had balked at a refund indicating I'd be waiting for USPS Insurance to cover the loss..gave me a real hard time getting nasty She was a retired cop - like this impresses one who comes from a long line of them. I sent photos for their post master and facts reg. packing and there being no shards "inside" the plastic wrap..Selenite is soft but has long stringy shards when broken or sawed along the grain ~ it's Gypsum... hummm. Suddenly a refund from PayPal was in my account ~ Mercury Direct~! I've seen it before but this time it's like a sudden backed up damn bursting when it turned direct.

So I'm drained; between all this son worked 4days this week I had to drive him..not far but had to get out first thing and the care for horses mid day and garden myself. (not hard just not use to it.) Not complaining either it's the first work other than a couple week ends since his leg surgery in January, and he reallyneeds it, so does my wallet. Another mercury direct thing, but this time it has been exhausting.....with the forward dam burst of energy for the past two days.
Tomorrow is a rest day come hell or high water You hear me Mr's over now flow...

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