Friday, August 3, 2012

Multiply's Impact on So Many Lives

We or at least I mentioned months ago that Multiply as a blog site was on the way out....Seems there was a new owner who chose to make this another sale site for profit not use space so others could socialize. The FB bottom line on the stock market probably also tipped the scales of that decision. Many of us at that time began looking around for other blog homes and doesn't seem anyone came up with a place. Truth is there is a huge social media demand but it's more in the moment commenting I guess just to know your connected to those your in tune with??? it's not really a profitable venture financially for the site owners. My preference is a place to spill our spiel and discuss ideas and beliefs. In a way it's a soap box but one everyone can join in with their view and helpful hints. It lets us know we aren't alone in the world and often helps with direction of life. If nothing else it's a make us feel good place, where others give support during our time of stress...And boy do we need that in these times. Many feel we have made true friendships here considering this our internet home.

I think these last things are the biggest things...In these times of turmoil we need a place where we can share and get real support which in the end most likely helps keep many of us out of the nut house. We are others sounding boards, and I'm wondering if the owners of Multiply are aware of the service they provide to this little corner of the world with this.... I truly see with many where if M was not in their life they would of gone off the deep end because it was their main stay of support and caring advise from others who knew enough about their situation they could appropriately comment at length unlike FB which seems to created more problems between people than help. I know the responses from my M friends have helped me to better direct my life path, cause I can through them more clearly see my reflection in the world around me. We can only pray the owner of M knows the impact they have in the lives of others and desires to give this gift worth giving. If not then it was nice while it lasted and we all know when one door closes another opens...

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