Saturday, August 4, 2012

What is Tachyon

Most times people think of selling online as being all about money, after nearly 15 years I can say it's more a learning experience. First about using the computer, next about people, then about the different mentality of societies around the world (cause $ is what make the old paradigm world spin) and lastly about the things your selling. Mostly I've sold antiques which needed research as to purpose origin and then value based on quantity remaining. These days I'm out of antiques including jewelry, so it had gotten dull until I started making energy items with healing crystals and gemstones. They aren't big sellers cause frankly even those into crystals and healing stones are very uninformed. Plus most people like to buy freely touchy with items such as this.There are even those selling the Tachyon energy devises made in resins that are miss informed. They think Tachyon is this grouping of metals and stones inside a resin - when it is actually ALL ENERGY. So at the bottom of my listing I've included.

Tachyon is the Life Force or Source energy and the first sub atomic particle emerging out of the formless Zero Point Energy of Source. It includes all energies, known thousands of years as Prana Chi Ki or Cosmic Consciousness. It's negative entropic effect brings order to chaos as it constantly regenerates and harmonizes structures to new levels of order. It's the energy of Sacred Vortex's and that which Spiritual Healers bring through their hands. Being all frequencies it matches all energy and it's effect is completely beneficial producing strength stamina self-healing spiritual awareness and aura protection. Depending on the combination of earth element placed together their Tachyon will create many variations of physical mental and spiritual healing. Energy of gemstones and crystals with metals are amplified creating powerful spiritually enhanced healing tools. It's not necessary to house this energy in unnatural resins as it is the different Tachyon elements coming together in one place which create the high vibrational energy level.
As you see my purpose of doing what I'm doing is ongoing in this life complying with my name or the tone I vibrate as in this multiverse...which is
"aKuna Kumara DeAhRa Antahara"

meaning "the will to share awareness across the field of manifestation until all are enlightened" it is I find myself walking my path even when cleaning house to downsize and selling the stuff on line.
P. S. the photo at top is the background of my and the user ID of aKuna on my other site it is my vibration in sound & color tone.

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