Sunday, August 5, 2012

Now The Summer Fun Begins

Excessive heat ~ outside house painting put on hold as Oneson is working a real job for money for this weekend again, I'll not have to try keep up with painting windows. It won't be any different today than the past two days, 6am you could hardly breath it's so sticky. Monday due for some cooling storms to take us back to high 80's. So I'll get back at it after that. So hot yesterday container garden wilted before noon and it had been heavily watered night before, watered dry cracked soil again and provided shade from patio table umbrella. Several cucumbers and tomatoes nearly ripe, so it's doing quite well, really like this and it's less taxing. Got some free huge rubber planters from the guy son is working with so next year the container garden will expand and this will leave more garden space for things like corn and fall crops. Big garden doing good, son fortunately didn't do anymore than light spray watering, so with heavy rain drenches it got every 3wks between it's very happy with dry feet. Ripening slow which is a good pace to get started with dehydrating. A load a day works well, today Swiss Chard that is growing fast and to big, but perfect for drying to add to sauces to expand them. Even spaghetti sauce got it and it was great with all the extra enrichment. Drys fast if you vein it. Who knows what next year will bring and things simply keep longer when dehydrated and bags take way less space and no risk of glass seals breaking or freezer electric going out. Have good year stored yet from last seasons crop, and all it needs is water added. Made up bags for stews or soups and without meat you could add dried Garbanzo Beans for protein.

Yesterday got smart went to grocery and got $200+ of the sale meats. I could do without but son can't. The report form the heartlands where our corn and grain comes from is not good with drought. Sooooo. I've taken warning that prices of everything will go up 40%, in truth I'm intuiting more like 50% on food products especially since our meat eats grain & corn. This weeks sales were meat, I'll get more later but this is a good fill on freezer and son hopefully will really get some game meat this year. Two lg. Pork Loins $15 ea. will give us 8 meat meals for $30 plus some lunch left over, chicken will be 9 meals for $18 that is $1ea, Sausage at $1 ea a meal and even imitation crab at $1.50 ea a meal. Next week will get more "Wild" Salmon which is more expensive about $2ea a meal and surprise it comes from Walmart frozen. Then grain products like whole grain noodles and rice which have stocked, but these are staples I refuse to make from scratch so will get more when they go on sale. Being dry in boxes and bags the last a long time. From there it's dehydrating garden and what we don't grow get from local natural farm market at the bottom of the mountain. Another major purchase will be Beans, different kinds. Excellent source of protein to replace meat, dried they store well taking little space. Today it's about Survival Food for the longer haul, with what is happening to Mother Earth we need to store what we can as droughts may become a norm for the next few years. It's different than what our grandmothers did, their concern was only for over wintering.

Just purchased the Perfect Pickeler on eBay. Son saw in magazine
and wanted to try it. Ferments cold on counter-top in a few days,
even does Kraut for the KodyDog?? Cked web site, eBay same price ~with less shipping so got 2 total $49.00, looks like the extra cucs can be done as there are never quite enough for a big canning batch. This top fits canning jars which I already have new in boxes and the fermentation is good probiotics which we all need more of. If it works good the web site offers extra rubber seals and it takes nothing other than the lid unit and canning jar to ferment things with a lid to fit it when done. This we will see about but sounds good cause people kept fermented foods in barrels for long periods and they were safe cause fermentation is what it is.

ENJOY THE DAY I'm off to putz....

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